Viewing Keys Wizard? Feedback Wanted!

Hi all!

We made a small app to help new users onboard the network more smoothly, by setting up viewing keys to a lot of secret tokens at once:

Please help us test it and make sure it’s ready for prime time. Feedback is welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think that power users would find this batching useful, but the general public will be intimidated and may not initially know what they will want to trade.

A few questions:

Why does this app allow you to choose a password as a viewing key but keplr does not?

Where would the user put in this password after the initial creation of keys?

And a few other general questions if you don’t mind:

Is it possible to retrieve a viewing key from keplr or elsewhere?

Is Keplr sending the viewing key to the network each time that you request to view a balance thru the secretswap app?

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Hi, thank you for the feedback!

What Keplr is doing is probably more secure, but setting a password is easier when you have multiple machines using the same secret account.

Keplr remembers it for the user.

Yes, you can get it in Keplr on the Tokens panel. You can also always override it with a new viewing key using your account.


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Hey Assaf, love how user-friendly it is! One issue I had was after using it with a wallet that already had the viewing keys in place, some of them no longer worked. I then deleted some and tried to recreate them from Secret Swap, and when clicking the magnifying glass there’s no auto-prompt to properly recreate these viewing keys, so I’m currently locked out of seeing pools I’m actively in.

I’m not sure how much of this is the wizard or how much is the Swap or Keplr, but I thought it would be something worth noting.

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@assafmo, Thank you and to follow up

I can see your batch viewing key creation app as an “advanced” tab. The type of user with a large number of tokens will also be the most likely to understand what you are asking of them.

For the average user, I think that the approach that the secretswap app currently takes, where you are individually create viewing keys as needed (and without a password) is the least confusing approach.

As someone seeing the batch viewing key app for the first time, given a large checklist of tokens, I may believe that I am required to choose up-front all of the tokens I will be trading. “Will I be able to add tokens later, if I want?” I may also be confused why I have a password to login to Keplr and also for viewing keys.

As far as ease of moving between devices,

Could you explain how the viewing key password allows you to more easily use multiple devices? I can’t quite understand the mechanics.

Does a ledger dongle allow you to store viewing keys?

Or could Keplr allow the user to move an encrypted file containing keys from one device local storage to another?

Thanks, we’ll look into it. Try resetting them using this app maybe? It should also promp you to update them in your local Keplr wallet.

Viewing keys cam be treated as passwords, so it’s easier to load the same password on both devices rather than importing from one device to the other.

From all the feedback we got in the last couple of hours I get that this should be abstracted away from the user, so I’ll fix it.

Keplr can manage your Ledger viewing keys as well.

The passwor you are required to enter when you first open you Keplr app is to decrypt the local data stored for you account (like private keys, viewing keys, etc.)

Assaf, I presume you’re looking for feedback from a functional perspective as opposed to UI, right?

I’m looking for feedback on all aspects

I really love the “Select Related” button, however - it only works if you click the button first, then click on a token.

Would it be possible to make it work both ways? So if I clicked on “Ethereum”, then “Select Related”, it would still have the same output?

Is what you enter into the text field labelled “viewing key” going to be the actual viewing key or is what you input used as the entropy to create a viewing key?

Is the idea here that the viewing key will be the same for all the different tokens because you used the same entropy?

Yeah but I feel like that’s less intuitive… I don’t know.


Yes, but after some of the feedback we got I think we’ll abstract it away and make the viewing keys different for each token.

Followup, I wasn’t able to successfully replace the viewing key from either the wizard nor the Swap. I was able to by using the contract address from, so I’m not still locked out, but ya, just kinda weird.

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Thanks, that’s weird, I’ll check it out on Sunday.

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Hi, so I found the bug that caused you to get this error, it’s something with Keplr so I’ve asked them to fix it.

In the meantime now the app generates a strong viewing key for each token, rather than letting the user choose a password.

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