What is a committee?

Hello everyone,

Can we please clearly define what a committee is? A lot of committees are 1 or 2 people getting paid to do stuff. Where does the community engagement come in? Is there a formal process for creating new committees? If so, why is it not in writing?


We very recently established this high-level overview

I would personally define a committee as a group of community contributors that focus on a particular ecosystem domain. In order for this group of community contributors to work efficiently (need identification, work organization, funding, and cross committee integration, among other) they require a form of leadership that can speak for that group and has the competencies to organize the committee in line with overarching ecosystem goals.

All committees can plug into the agent program to ensure each of their committee contributors is rewarded in SCRT for their work, and after experimenting with a discretionary budget for the awareness committee for some time, we see more committees request such a budget as they switch to on-chain funding.