Governance Notes 5/12/21

Governance Meeting 5/12/2021

Key Themes:

  • Moving Committee Fund to Community Pool
  • Release of Transparency Report
  • Wanting Structured Governance
  • Should Inflation/Taxes Change

Transparency Report:

  1. Tor posted this in discord during the call if you’d like to see it
  2. Post as it stands, but asked this be consider a test run, which can be added to later. Please provide feedback.
  3. It didn’t add information for all the wishlist items from the last recap

Moving Committee Fund to Community Pool:

  • Foundation does not want to be a central point of failure. Having all these organizations fall under them creates bottlenecks and perceptions that affect their ability to work. Shifting to the community pool makes the committees accountable to the community, not the foundation.
  • There is concern about a loss of human capital moving to the pool. What happens if the community chooses to not continue funding? Tor has said he will fund any committee that don’t successfully transition.
  • Leads don’t want to ask for money every month to run the committee. This is too much administrative work.
  • Where funding comes from is important. It changes conflict of interest perception and who is accountable to who.
  • This was described as taking duopoly (Enigma/Foundation) and adding in the Validators
  • It was described as superficial change if we take the current committee (foundation approved) structure and move it directly on chain without any change
  • This was described as a cultural change asking people to go to the pool to empower the community

Open Questions:

  • People asked if we can define the foundation vs community pool vs ecosystem pool
  • What are the current inefficiencies/structural issues that lead to the miscommunication about the role of committees?
  • Can the foundation define themselves more specifically beyond filling gaps?
  • What KPIs do charters have so we can judge their success? Many charter leads say their goal is to facilitate conversation or bounce ideas, not directly perform work.

Missed Topics:

  • We did not get into the inflation/taxes too specifically, but my understanding is if committees can successfully transition on chain taxes can lower.