The - oljo - Files

Toronto Secret Art Army will spend the next few days plotting and planning while hanging out in the sunlight. SCRT raised from the oljo R&Y " Creative-Danger" has been sold to summer fund operations.

0.007 BTC is available to be converted to fiat to buy supplies.

100 Sienna has been purchased and place in a reserve fund to finance upcoming Art-Ops in regards to

Canada’s Largest Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Event August 9-10 2022

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Toronto Secret Art Army will begin too activate color-fuel Art-Ops .

At the corner of Queen & Spadina there has been a disgusting spill of oil/gunk all across a large section of the sidewalk. Toronto Secret Art Army will place this image on a section.
If the city wants to eliminate the concrete image they must power wash and clean the remaining sidewalk as well, or reveal themselves to be targeting Toronto Secret Art Army’s color-fueling directly.

Toronto Secret Art Army will color-fuel dire dark dirty city objects that have been left by gov agency to look rotting and decaying. These city officials have the opportunity to eliminate our beatifying street art by cleaning away what already should be maintained by tax payers purses.

A roll of canvas and quality paints will be purchased today using BTC in reverse.

Communal collaborations will be created on canvas in public setting. During the process, images will be created digitally as the piece is in progress. The Toronto Secret Art Army will create an NFT collection on Stashhh to offer these images for sale to further fund Art-Ops.

R&Y by oljo will be rarely if ever, be auctioned.


Toronto Secret Art Army has been bunkering down at the Queen Street Entrance to Graffiti Ally

We have purchase canvas , spray paints , sticker paper and various brushes and knives. Collaboration have begun and digital images are being created from these public art events.

There is a corporate fungus creeping into these walls that have been created on by street artist for decades. This ally is now a popular tourist destination. Corporate funds are polluting the walls and there is active effort to maintain their branding.

The Secret Art Army enacted an Art-Op that will have multiple benefits going forward. Last weekend we created at the Graffiti Ally entrance too added some smell-o- vision to the tour. We want to demonstrate you can create in public and offer your art for sale IF YOU WANT TOO . The intent was to paint the ground. Overall if we keep painting the ground “maybe” the city comes and repaves this fucken horrible disgusting bumpy asphalt . We see people trip and fall all the time. On the wall is a white area that keeps getting tagged and then whited back out by the folks that pimp this wall for a social media campaign. Here are some videos to have visual reference.

Only thing that continue to hang around are the Angry Lambs

Unber5000 kicking the computer mouse off the wall is Toronto Secret Art Army GIF Gold .

Read the comments of you want to see the effects of Unber5000 actions

Toronto Secret Art Army has begun the Color-Fueled Road Art-op at the entrance of Graffiti Ally

We have used supplies purchased from the R&Y Creative-Danger auction to enacted a possible “trend” and or demolition. The intent it to add imagery to the ally’s asphalt. It actually will look like a wolf from above… goes with the Angry Lambs hanging on the Walls… sidenote: I added AstroTurf so they have something to graze on …

The trend would be as people come to take pictures of the walls they bring a can of spray paint to pass around and add a little bit of themselves to the ground.

The Demolition angle would be the city hating the " Color-Fuel Road " and repaving the horrible potholed path. Mission accomplished . Citizen get a refreshed road with no holes.

We decide to use a fair amount supplies on this particular Art-Op in Graffiti Ally. We want others passing by to see creation in process, so they too may choose to created as well, not worried they can’t or could be told they shouldn’t.

We have a fair amount of blank sticker paper to work with that makes using up so much Spray on the path for the Color-Fueled Road Art-Op possible.

Toronto Secret Art Army will created an NFT collection from collaborations’ . All content created on concrete will be digitalized for preservation then placed on Stashh.

We are discussing ways to gamify sNFT while we stopped for smoke breaks.

Toronto Secret Art Army will raised funds to continue creative art operations from content they create. It is important to demonstrate an organic origin story beginning .We want to start from the bottom like everyone can, and build. Everything that the Toronto Secret Art Army does is through a genuine grassroots effort.

Art-Op " Yellowbird" had some interesting blowback. Uber5000 is a prominent graffiti artist in Toronto. His behaviour from the videos we capture has turned the bellies of some of his earliest supporters.

The Toronto Secret Art Army was gift one of his earliest works on canvas. It has a “collectors” valued in the $5,ooo range .

Will will frame it up and offer it for $10,000 under the wall were all the people take pictures of the Yellowbirds… they may buy it or…take a picture… Probably take a picture instead of paying double the price. There will be Secret Network info placed around this framed canvas… they will take a picture and they will post their rare shot of the original yellowbirds on canvas …and SN will be in the shots…

Toronto Secret Art Army will infiltrate and pester a “sex cult” adventure clue game that is played on the walls of Toronto. They look for clues to the next orgy. This picture is not of one of the players, just some chick who thought the phrase was funny, and it is a bit hilarious. Many women have been taking selfie with it, innocently, not aware it a clue to the next fuckfest.

Now they need to take a picture, when they do SN will be in the shots. I assume if they had option of privacy, they might look into it, seems like a demographic that needs back channel chit chat options.

It has been an active summer with no beard. All eyes and ears have been on me . I have been playing in the Alley’s .

Everyone is waiting to see what I have been marinating…

SCRT will be camera clicked by CCP gimps going forward

If you were here at the start of the Enigma flip, you would of noticed my focus on pushing occult / mason images… that was one purpose… it should start to pay off now with HBAR tag along.

Communist China is crumbling … SCRT will be known …

oljo will never sell …only accumulate and chill./…

As for Tor… he still fight’en the good cause with the rest of us?


I have gone full NON - ANON this summer season. This is me without any makeup up or mask on. No hobo costume.

oljo on the concrete mixing in meatspace. I have been very public.

Slowey marinating a sneaky SCRT shill into the entire thriller.

4th Reich vs CCP vs Me


The Wizards are weak and the Witches never sleep.

The Chinese Communist are creating imaginary GDP

4th Reich fuckery is increasing . Monument Honoring Nazi Unit in Canada Under Fire After Applause Gaffe (

The Toronto Secret Art Army is bringing in reinforcements to prepare for a full out F.U.N blast in 2024


Word! This the real thing right there

(possessed test suite)

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We shall continue to battle the cucks whom want to watch our web3 interactions. The people 200 years from now greatly appreciate our privacy push.

Along the way we have witnessed the fluffers come and go in their snow job roles, once they achieved their secret goals.

Others have held on as long as they could helping to defend the against the emerging push towards a surveillance world.

Some are genuine and fight for their genetic brethren 200 years from now. Others move on and pretend nobody notices they have begun to distance themselves.

Those who endure and build for the greater good will receive their staking rewards and have karma baked into their souls. Nothing goes unnoticed. When you create new ways that makes waves against legacy waters , first rule is too ignored until the time comes when they begin to flood the Community with FUD to poison the bubbles .

If you are here you understand this fact, we are all in cages. Some have nicer cages in Chicago but the fact remains, we are ALL still in Jail.

Together we have a chance to break out and makes sure our future family members have a chance to not be dominated like the Chinese people have for the last 100 years.

A Community of like minded people can create change. Consistency is imperative as well as genuine humans who understand the bigger picture . We are being crushed in real time towards a corporate communism. We have tools built on blockchains to push back and demonstrate a better way of sharing.

Toronto Secret Art Army has been recruiting .

General oljo has declared war on the scum. The battle for fun has begun.

Operation Open C.A.S.E activated


Power levels increasing!

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Apparently the people who hold a lot of SCRT need to sell it to keep a float.

This boat is sinking in satoshi value . How do we lock up SCRT and prevent the “team” from using SCRT to eat.

Nothing effects price like price… We have many public fuck ups along they was as well as a straight up scummy stuff… SEFI for expample is prime example

I will do what I can … I will create … What I create will give the Community an opportunity boost and show cool to the rest of the Cosmo …

I am the very first SCRT artist , I own this brag… I will also be the last.

Icon RON exist… The Editor is arriving as well as #@%!$#!$#^$ .

Toronto Secret Art Army is mobolizing,., under 800 sats is all hands on deck moment