Secret Agency Executive Summary Q4 2022

Greetings Agents,

Our Q4 Executive summary requested by the community can be found here .

Our previous Q3 2022 summary is here

This was a collaborative effort by @AnewbiZ007, @sean_pop, myself & all of our contributing Agents. Thank you to all!

If you are building on Secret & not yet connected to the Secret Agency then get in touch! Our mission is to help you:

-Grow your community
-Spread news & announcements
-Create content audio/visual/written for dApps & tooling
-Assist with investor pitch deck composition and introductions
-Keep you informed of core protocol upgrades.
-Connect you to other teams building on the network & beyond
-Translate your content into many languages
-Squish bugs & improve UI/UX
-Host & appear on podcasts & AMA’s
-Help to moderate your social channels
-Represent your product at events & universities worldwide
& much much more n no particular order.

Wishing you all a successful 2023 & please leave comments in this thread.

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Can you please explain how you get 3.1k VC leads?

Hey apologies that was a typo. Essentially that’s our to do list for outreach.

Thanks for spotting eagle eyes! :eagle: :eyes: I’ve updated the link now.

Thanks for correcting it. Out of curiosity, who leads these pitches?

It depends if they are live at an event or virtual but generally either Shahar or myself, with Nataliia in support who has smashed it on outreaching & booking in these meetings so far.

This Q we are training Agents in key locations worldwide to perform initial outreach & leads generation.

How much $ in funding have secret agency leads been awarded?

Please split by SLABs and VCs.

Do you mean how much we have gotten paid? That number is here:

If you mean how much $ of commitments to fund dApps/Incubator than ill let Skrillah answer later.

Not commitments I mean how much money have SLABs / VCs given to teams that agency sourced?

This isn’t disclosed on this exec summary as the various initiatives for dApp / dev / VC relations started in Q4 2022. This period has been about finding our feet, training our teams & setting up our systems to handle outreach and support in these areas.

Noted for next Q Winston

The metrics are very vague, there’s isn’t enough granularity.

What exactly is considered a ‘lead’? If we can only convert 1/6 leads (VC rate) in getting everyone in a zoom meeting and hear a pitch, that’s concerning. Either that or it’s another inaccurate metric. Similarly, 400 bizdev leads seems like an unrealistically large amount too, given that not much has come out in the last few months. Can you give a more detailed breakdown on that? If these are actual leads, then our conversation rate sucks and the strategy isn’t working.

You mentioned just above that Shahar + yourself + Natalia are involved on pitching, yet there was also mention on the TG chat that some of these pitches were “project” pitches. So we need a distinction between network wide efforts/initiatives like the incubator (which I assume is what Shahar leads) vs devs pitching VCs where the Agency acted as a facilitator for the meeting to occur.

The dev onboarding metric is still misleading, if you are going to summarize your data into one number then you need to give the number of devs you got to actively build on the network. That’s the bottom-line that matters. Here’s some feedback I gave at the time about that: Secret University Megathread - #13 by mumuse

As for general scope it seems like there needs to be a re-prioritization. Building a community is only a good idea if there is funding and devs building. Having thousands of people being trained to spread the word around is only good if there are actual things to promote. We need to move on from the idea of building Link Marines 2017 style. Having it is good, but not the priority, and efforts for the former shouldn’t come at the cost of the latter. Hearing it takes multiple months to setup a hackathon is just jarring.

I don’t think the agency is doing a terrible job, but it feels like the approach is to cover a lot of areas without much depth and that’s why metrics look great but the actual results look like nothing happened.

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Cheers for the feedback. Would appreciate it you & if everyone this passionate about growth on Secret Network joined our negotiators working group call at 1600 UTC on Wednesdays on Discord. Or suggest a time that fits your schedules for a 2nd working group call.

Please remember that up until Dec 31st we were paying for a bizdev committee that was supposed to handle these tasks. They didn’t, so Agency are picking up the slack here.

Bizdev leads refers to new conversation channels started by Agents including key members of all the 3 orgs. SF / SLabs / Agency. 406 leads generated by Agents could be a new dApp, could be a new media partner or exchange. The important thing is that we are generating leads at events and through our networks.

When it comes to VC’s. We were helping Shahar with outreach & introductions to the Secret Launch incubator. We have also been approached by/have approached 11 dApp teams building on Secret to help them develop their pitch and get introductions to investors. This shows that there is a huge demand for capital here on Secret.

To this end we have prepared an overview pitch of all the investment opportunities available on Secret & are beginning to actively pitch that to VC’s at events from next week. On the ground, armed with laptops, showing professional investors how they can take a position in our ecosystem & not just giving out merch.

With regard to Secret University they have a plan for tracking dev engagement & course completion. We are here to guide as many devs as possible into the platform to learn how to build on Secret.
Recently we’ve also helped dApp teams with their code base in Solidity find talented Secret devs to help them unlock privacy as a service. I personally think this technical recruitment element will grow for us as the features of Secret 2.0 unlock and our developer relations team gets settled in.

Our priorities are dev, dApp & investor onboarding first and foremost. This is our true North.

Please, if you are passionate about the above :point_up_2: pitch in & help us - 1600 UTC Wednesdays on Discord