The - oljo - Files

I will create operations that push SCRT towards the massively tracked masses.

I will follow up on the progress of these unique & sometimes incredibly simple operations that will cast inquisitive eyes towards the Secret Network .

I will need S/agents to covertly be active in helping further operations motives & goals, if they have the ability to help further push the file to success.

I will be relentless in adding price pressure to any bad acting suppressors.

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Operation SeedBreath

Primary : 4 Channel


After spending one week becoming familiar with this message board , I have begun to formulate multiple approaches on how to seed SCRT into threads.

The majority of activity on these boards are mostly bots or aggressively spammed small cap focused pump groups.

Certain alt communities do have genuine dialogue regarding advancements with their projects on this message board.

XMR is an example were the conversations have informative dialogue within the threads.

Daily “General Discussion” Monero threads seem to be regularly created.

With the consistency from these threads being posted daily, a small group of humans that support the project have formed personal bonds.

These genuine discussions keep the thread bumped on the top of the boards for hours.

Action: XMR /SCRT bridge information will be posted in these threads daily .


Threads are archived fairly quickly on 4 channel when there is no interest in the topic. There is a steady flow of posts that harvest sentiment data by asking for “recommendations”. As this is an open shill call the thread stays active from the vast amount of comments.


Watch as these threads launch and be one of the first to comment. If the thread attracts a continual response the SCRT tag and info will be around the top. As it continues I will instigate dialogue with targets that may interacted back. Getting them to type SCRT will be the main objective.

/biz/ - The Secret Network : SCRT bridges to XMR BSC DOT ETH - Business & Finance - 4chan created thread

/biz/ - SEC Gary has Secret Network SCRT connection - Business & Finance - 4chan G.G

/biz/ - Miley Cyrus Wears SCRT swirls to signal to Occult to Secret Network protocol - Business & Finance - 4chan Title trick

Reddit Karma information.


Picking subreddits, and finding OC

IMHO for best results find a subreddit with 300k to 500k subscribers that has at least 1 post that reaches r/all per day. r/ShittyLifeProTips works finely for my purpose. Karma and upvotes may wildly vary depending on setup.

Now, find an OC post (Don’t repost reposts) that is perferably:

A few pages down from /top/ (so people won’t see it as a blatant repost immediately)

More than a few months or a year old (Avoid things like memes that reflect the current culture of the time, as things have changed since then.)

Have at least 10,000 upvotes (for smaller subs this may be hard)


Download the image/text post from reddit onto your computer. Now when submitting, play around with the title a bit. Choose one that you think will give you the most clicks.

Or keep the title the exact same if you’re confident in the fact the general Reddit population won’t see this as a repost (at least for a while)

If your post gains 60 upvotes in 1 hour (one upvote per minute) or more, you’re practically golden.

Now for a little disclaimer:

It will probably never work the first time. You may have to expiriment with certain subreddits, OC, and title to get the right combo.

Your post will likely be removed by the sub’s Mods, or even be banned from the sub altogether. This is a dangerous game believe it or not. You might find yourself banned from all of Reddit if you’re unlucky.

The best time to post on Reddit is between 6 to 8 am EST on a Sunday. If you can’t allocate this time, posting from 6am to 4pm on a saturday also yields positive results. Never post midnight on Wednesday.



Karmawhoring (in my definition) is reposting something from one subreddit to another related subreddit to gain karma. Karmawhoring is less obvious than blatant reposting,

as you’re posting to a different subreddit.

Follow the steps in Part 1, “Picking subreddits and finding OC” and post to roughly the same subreddit with the same or related topic.

Karma build

[Wake up folks!!! : PolymathNetwork (](

Who are Polymath’s Competitors? : PolymathNetwork (

New York Times just exposed Jay Clayton : Ripple (

For those in need of reassurance… From a darker realm : hashgraph (

[Status xrp -sec : XRP (](
New York Times just exposed Jay Clayton : Ripple (

Tor Bair of Secret Network Mar 8 - YouTube

6:40 to 8:23

8:30 to 9:38

S/agent skill assist.
Clip this …it is indeed an interaction test . I need them as separate files for a future operation I have in the mix.

Triple A - Assets to Actively Aware

Great to be an active member here

Operation Poach Approach

Directive: Introduce Dev Grants & Fellowship opportunities

Dr Balachandran K


Highly motivated, adaptable, problem solving Bachelor of Technology graduate looking to fill an entry level position. Looking forward to use my skill set to help the company with upcoming challenges.