The - oljo - Files

I will create operations that push SCRT towards the massively tracked masses.

I will follow up on the progress of these unique & sometimes incredibly simple operations that will cast inquisitive eyes towards the Secret Network .

I will need S/agents to covertly be active in helping further operations motives & goals, if they have the ability to help further push the file to success.

I will be relentless in adding price pressure to any bad acting suppressors.


Tor Bair of Secret Network Mar 8 - YouTube

6:40 to 8:23

8:30 to 9:38

S/agent skill assist.
Clip this …it is indeed an interaction test . I need them as separate files for a future operation I have in the mix.

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Great to be an active member here

Operation Poach Approach

Directive: Introduce Dev Grants & Fellowship opportunities

Dr Balachandran K


Highly motivated, adaptable, problem solving Bachelor of Technology graduate looking to fill an entry level position. Looking forward to use my skill set to help the company with upcoming challenges.

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Operation: Sticks & Songs

Primary : Montreal University / McGill University

I will be active in the area surrounding these University’s . As I wait around waiting & watching I will need a reason why I’m waiting around waiting & watching. Turns out I’m a SCR.Network field agent doing some summer guerilla advertising . That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I will set up an sing songs for hours along paths and streets where University people need to pass by to continue on to their research labs.
I will also plant SCRT HODL popsicle sticks all over the city.

Some will be crazy glued some just wedged but there will be thousands of SCRT HODL popsicle sticks scattered through out the city for many months till October. I’m targeting people who are familiar with the term HODL .


Operation: BrownSugar

Action: Locate motivated East Asians who are interested in technology

Insight : I will regularly comment on Youtube content that is created by East Asians . I will seed SCRT information with the intent to inform East Asian there are opportunities within the SN ecosystem


Intel scoop…

The lowdown on PirateChain

Premine shenanigans aside, it should also be noted that PirateChain is actually an asset chain of Komodo which is itself a fork of Zcash, meaning PC inherits many of Zcash’s liabilities and is dependent on Zcash for the majority of current and future core (zk-SNARKs) development. In other words, if Zcash sinks, PirateChain also goes down with the ship.

PirateChain’s bold claims of an invulnerability to 51% attacks (dPOW) are essentially a marketing ploy also borrowed from Komodo’s dodgy playbook. A security model that truly provides such an impressive degree of protection would obviously be adopted by every other chain in existence, the fact that nobody else is using it tells you everything you need to know.

Why dPOW is hot air: An Initial Look at Komodo’s dPoW. On December 7, I published an article… | by Justin Ehrenhofer | Medium

Shockingly, it turns out Komodo’s lead dev jl777 has a sordid history of assorted shenanigans and accusations of him being a scammer date back as far as 2014.

Furthermore, PirateChain’s claims of being “the world’s most private crypto” are also misleading since it’s TX volume is tiny in comparison to Monero, meaning it has a smaller overall anonymity set so correlation attacks are easier to execute, statistically you still get better privacy using Monero.

Predictably, the darknet crowd (and markets) don’t take PirateChain seriously at all and prefer Monero by a vast margin.