[REJECTED] SNAC Proposal: A User-generated Self-Sustained Content/Marketing/Publicity System



Tdlr; the current Secret Blog is more like an announcement channel that most people don’t know exist, and even much less read.

As a Secret Agent, I know of several initiatives from Secret Network to expand our Community Integration and Participation to organically promote the network.

And as a citizen from a third world country, I know how difficult it can be to convince people to just sit down and summarize or communicate a product value or a service offering. I tried to do that for 36 months as Google Digital Skills Training coaching over 25,000 people who wanted to learn how to use the internet to grow their business.

Trust me. It’s crazy difficult.

But, Scrt.blog can do the magic (I took the liberty of already beginning the development of the project. One way or another, I believe it will help the ecosystem).

I know that there is a scrt.network/blog (aka; The Official Secret Blog), however, that’s not where I would go if I wanted to learn about Secret Network, is it? And I guess I’m speaking for many people. For example, how many of you can call yourself, regular readers of The Official Secret Blog?

While a blog is supposed to be the fun grandma you go get sweet, easy, digestible content from, Scrt.network/blog FEELS more like the strict ex-military dad that issues information out like an order.
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More on that later.

Anyway, The Official Secret Blog is too official, it’s borderline boring (no offense). And for the most part, it can be quite technical (both in content and style), for non-tech or non-blockchain enthusiasts to understand and appreciate.

Ex-military Dada.


Enter Scrt.blog! One visit and you’re guaranteed to come back. It’s like a shrink. You’ll have to visit more than you bargained for, before the itch scratches.

That’s such a weird thing to say. Lol.

I refrained from calling Scrt.blog a blog because it’s more of a user-generated content aggregation platform. Suitable for all kinds of content.

There can be features and opinion pieces from seasoned writers and tech researchers with significant readership, who will receive an invitation to review the the ecosystem, its value proposition, concept and delivery. All input of this category will be considered as paid guest posts and will feature the author’s byline. Sharing this with their community will bring a kind of targeted visibility to regular readers of general tech content about Secret Network.

On the broader side, this tool would generally be appealing for professional content developers, bloggers and freelancers. Because they can earn extra by generating original, keyword researched, high quality, SEO Optimized content for Scrt.blog.

Sure, they’ll have to get paid, but think about all the unique voices this will bring to the ecosystem.

And it’s guaranteed payment for high quality content (Ofcourse, if a writer wants to be a regular contributor, they will need to fill out a form. And mods may design some topics that can be approached with a pre-approved voice or tone).

This category is for professional writers with their own small communities (like Facebook groups or Twitter followers). This gives Secret Network access to micro communities in a tone that had engaged them outside of our space. Small Passionate communities like these are the bedrock of a cult-like loyalty.

Since their content will be posted on Scrt.blog. And especially since Scrt.blog is the fun grandma, we can expect a lot of shares.


More on that very soon.

Regardless, any content marketing specialist (like myself), will quickly tell you how this, when done right, will lead to MASSIVE backlinks generation.

(for those who don’t know, That is like your website or website’s social points or web reputation. That’s part of something considered by Google and other search engines in ranking. And of course, when many other websites points back to yours, it shows that you’re producing content that people find valuable. Consequently, your content gets shown more to people).


A well prepared content strategy + social media marketing, will bring organic visibility like a lighthouse on a harbor to a ship in distress.
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On the side, a well done blog also generates metrics for social media marketing and retargeting.


That’s not all.

Interesting categories for other form of writers will be entertained.

  1. Storytellers can spin yarns, and creatively infuse the message of Scrt. (I’d sure love to read that section).
  2. Plays can be written. Probably acted too. (that’d be weird for sure). So, maybe a Scrt YouTube channel can be used for these videos.
  3. Technical writers can come onboard and twist our heads some more.
  4. I heard of a new content niche recently; meme writing or something.

Well, we get them all onboard. We experiment with all possible market/audience segments. Everyone needs Privacy afterall.

Writers in this category may get a small payment for approved posts, but can quickly accumulate more returns based on shares, comments and engagement. This way, the incentive is on them to promote their posts for more rewards.

Then, there is the 3rd Category.

Regular People who can write pushing in their bit for the ecosystem. When you go on Facebook or some Forums, the amount of text generated by users is astounding (probably arguing about Trump and Biden or Messi and C. Ronaldo).

At the end of the day, this goal of the first 2 categories is to get creatives OUTSIDE of the secret ecosystem to leverage on their skills and audiences to bring visibility to WHAT Secret Network is doing. And what’s more important is that they do this THE WAY THEY’VE ALWAYS BEEN DOING IT. This is not an exercise to try to explain Secret Network the way Secret Network is explained, but to say it as they found it out.

Nevertheless, overall, this system will facilitate the development of an entire sub-ecosystem dedicated to engaging regular people (not just secret agents) to produce content informally and to the tone of their abilities and dialect.

A colorful showcase that celebrates individuality, original content and community input.

Of course, moderating this setup would be quite a task, especially for editors, but the benefits could be so impactful that we could practically OWN certain privacy related keywords, in fact, user data can be gathered in such a way that we can run crazy practical marketing campaigns.

Here, I’ll give you an instance.

There are ads that utilize tracking technology based on behavioral retargeting. We know them; they are the type that ‘follow you online’).

Now, imagine deploying a simple txt add that reads:

“We are Secret Network. You’re probably gonna be seeing us a number of times because it’s easy to track people online. We hate it. If you hate it too, maybe you should check us out. We are a building a Privacy Blockchain that will put an end to that ceaseless tracking Big companies use to eavesdrop on ya. See how you can contribute to this future, otherwise we’re gonna be back, so, duh!”

If that sounds awful, it only goes to show the biggest utility of Secret Network.

Anyway. That’s it for that.


Maybe, you are thinking; “Come on! There’s no way it’s that bad, we can do what we’re currently doing and still get visibility. People that are interested will find a way to learn”

I’d say… “Sure!”

Then, right after, I’ll tell you this: “More than 70% of Americans don’t know what an NFT is”.

Yeah. I wish I was making that up.

(See https://fortunly.com/statistics/nft-statistics/#gref and knock yourself out).

While you’re still reeling from that fun grandma digestible chunk of information, I’ll rope you in further by saying…

“The NFT Market is expected to grow by $147.2b in the next 5 years”
(Non-fungible Token (NFT) Market Size to grow by USD 147.24 | | Technavio)

If Secret Network is going to Claim a significant % from that market share, especially given the unique utility of Secret NFTs, the current Scrt.network/blog, aka; The Official Secret Blog, is not going to cut it.


Mass Adoption does not just happen. People have to preach to those who would not listen. If early Christians took the same stance of ‘People that are interested, would find a way to learn’, Jesus would be a forgotten name right now.

Point is, there are alot of people on the internet that do not know about Blockchain or are kinda scared of what they’ve heard; stuff like, Bitcoin is shady; it’s for criminals; it’s volatile. Or NFTs are pictures selling for millions; it’s stupid; it’s a bubble…

You know? Stuff like that.

To get to them, you have to talk to them like they are used to hearing. Make it fun. Make it come from regular people talking and sharing their opinions or understandings of a new piece of tech. People that they regularly listen to. That’s how it is for these people. That’s how Bitcoin became mainstream, isn’t it?

The agency program can design missions that would designate a day for users to develop content about other sister projects or ecosystem like Juno or Cosmos, or in-network content days for projects like Shade or Sienna.

This will also engage these small audience clusters to subtly assimilate our ecosystem values. Seeing such content collaboration will activate a positive response and acceptance within these audience pools.

“You can own Juno and Own Scrt. That’s okay.”

That’s the message we are promoting.

Overall, a lot of flexibility, fun activities and styles can be implemented on this platform that is distinct from the Scrt.network domain, yet will contribute a lot of content value and digital visibility for our ecosystem.


Of course, if it’s fun and engaging, people will share!

This is especially so because, the blog will be structured in a way where one-click shares and ‘tweetables’ are natively embedded in the content style.

You saw those points where I added (Click here to share this on Twitter)? That’s how easy it would be to implement

It won’t also hurt if an on-site point rewards system is setup such that points are rewarded for social media shares. It could be something ridiculously cheap. Like 1000 shares for 0.5scrt (that would certainly be crazy when Scrt is trading over $50), but still. A thousand mentions from 1 person multiplied by all the hundreds (or thousands) of persons sharing…? That sounds viral to me. Or at least, that’s a whole lot of visibility.


I am the project lead, a Nigerian, business developer, Marketing Strategist, and all the other big titles that would make you say “Wow… that’s Intense!”. JK

This idea was incubated by the Secret Agents Group, Africa. We already started development and we hope to seek approval to connect Scrt.blog with some other regional social media handles for growth and development of our regional social media campaigns.

Actively, it’s just myself and a contracted web developer and working on the design. However, we have a tight community of over 100 Agents ready to be deployed to generate the 1st tranche of content as soon as we are live.

Request for the sum of $10,000 in $Scrt (at current market value).

$1,500 will go to the Web Developer who would continue with work with more input from community.

I will take $2,500 as management fee and setup of the system (probably gonna end up staking it still on easystake. That’s a lot in this dip for sure).

Further amounts will be released upon pre-agreed milestone.

Subject to discussion, milestones’ could be 50k unique visitors, or 500k shares or social impressions, or $100k in on-site merch products sold.

We will dedicate $2500 to getting the first set of high quality, long form, SEO, Keyword optimized Secret Ecosystem Reviews from different Pro Writers with Sizable Community Following.

This will also help push us up the web ranks. Top 50 for some privacy related words and a million impressions is adequate at this stage).

It would be nice to attempt to set up podcasts as disability aids. That’s another cool way to engage voiceover artists covering content on Secret Network, whilst contributing to overall awareness (because some of these people already have audiences listening to them).

The remaining money can be left in a blog wallet for rewards and incentives towards users/Creators contributing the most to milestone targets. It will be left as Scrt Tokens because the price is so damn low now… We’d be able to do alot more with more value the tokens will certainly provide.

We will need an initial $4,000 in $scrt. That will cover for work done and till product launch. At launch, we would have had over 50,000 words of original content on the ‘blog’ (let’s call it that for ease. Eye-roll). For context, that’s like 25 feature-length magazine editorials or 50-60 blog posts of 800-1000 words.

A better context is this; if you read to this point, that’s about 1800 words.

Industry standards is $200 to $700 for a thousand words (I guess I have almost made $1000, for writing till this point. Sweet! Pay up Scrt.network.)
Well, see here www.demandjump.com/blog/how-much-to-charge-or-pay-for-a-500-to-1500-word-article%3Fhs_amp=true

I digress.

The rest of the money ($6000), can be put in a wallet when the Website is launched. And a team can smoothen out the details for rewards. It can something parallel to Agency Rewards.


I wrote this SNAC in a style I believe communicates the spirit of the proposal. I believe it felt like a conversation, and it’s easy for anyone… Even people outside of tech to read and appreciate message presented in this way.

Of course, I’m not going to write all the content to be available on Scrt.blog, I think it’ll be a fun pasttime for me to share my opinion on all the several tidbits within the ecosystem. I’m willing to bet that there are so many other people who would want to contribute their voices and convictions. And with a united front, we can have a very solid content system on web 2 that will ensure an extensive organic reach.


This way is see it, this is a project that would require massive organizational efforts. I’ve handled projects like this in the past, and I know how immense the results can be for wide range information campaigns. However, I can design the basic framework for how sub-ecosystem would operate, as I have already started.

This is a decentralized idea, anyone can contribute to any part. At the end, the decision on how anything goes will lie with the Secret Network Team.


  1. An incentivized ecosystem content generation and aggregation platform.
  2. Easy integration of features for social media and content publishing.
  3. Attractive for freelancers and content generators (outside the ecosystem).
  4. Content marketing + ecosystem keywords optimization across the open web. It’ll also help personalize hashtags for Scrt.network.
  5. Easy Integration of Secret Merch for Print-on-Demand. (Shopify+Oberlo is perfect for that).
  6. Advertising Slots for Teams and Projects on Secret Ecosystems to bid on. Revenue from this can be used to power rewards on the platform. NFT Projects would love this. And it can soon make the platform self sustainable or even net positive!
  7. Intuitive design to encourage sharing. Remember (Click here to share this on Twitter)? That’s how easy it would be to instantly share quotables from Scrt.blog. All that will contribute to social shares… Especially if you know that sharing will give you points that can be redeemed for real money.
  8. User generated content will ensure that Creators pay attention and research about the network, as only original and quality work is rewarded. I’m sure we will close some of these Creators to Participate more in the ecosystem… I mean, what’s not to love?
  9. Access to clusters of close-knit communities.
  10. Flexibility to quickly start marketing campaigns in tune of general trends and public sentiments. Since content is user generated, it would be interesting to see how local parlance and events shape the content that eventually rise to the top.
  11. Rankings will be promoted based on engagement metrics. If you checked the site, you’ll see that you can LIKE a post and also comment. So, it’ll be easy to set categories based on trending, new voice, rising creator, top creator etc
  12. Pop-ups ads for super important Secret Network Ecosystem events. I don’t mind insisting that they pay. 100% of funds will be channeled to competitive incentivization to attract higher quality text content creators.
  13. Channel on Discord that displays cutouts of comments from the Platform.
  14. Build Email List for email marketing.
  15. Encourage 1-click social shares to WhatsApp, Facebook, IG, Status, Twitter, eMail, etc.

It’s also super cool that you can quickly see the price of Secret and most tokens under the secret network scrolling through on the homepage. The url is short, trendy and memorable. That helps with Google rankings (so they said).

Congratulations, we just did 2700 words.

One more thing. It’s totally possible that you don’t like this style of writing. That’s cool.

It only goes as an invitation to you to get your input on the platform. We need all voices to apply soon. (we’ll set up a page in the website)

I’ll take any questions now.

Check https://Scrt.blog to see what we’ve done so far.


Truly there are quite a number of things fighting for our attention, but somehow somehow we get to choose the most interesting ones, could go to the official secret blog for a piece of info and I may not be there again except am interestingly attracted there.

This is an awesome idea, let’s create a friendly learning atmosphere.

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Love your writing style and enthusiasm @El_Professor! Your talent shines through here!

Could you share with us some examples of projects you have worked on in the past, and delivered with success?

Also, could we get some more details on the team you have assembled, what are their credentials & skillsets?

We are also concerned that having many separate channels distributing our message dilutes it somewhat, and we are suffering the effects of this on social aggregator dApps like Lunarcrush. My next question to you is how can we bring the talents that you describe into the channels and sites that we already have?

I’m looking at the Near Guilds here, perhaps something like this would be ideal for Agent-generated content, hosted on our main site.

Love to hear your thoughts & thanks for taking the time to write out this SNAC.


  1. The goal is to design an incentivized platform that will attract professional writers on one hand and encourage regular readers to engage (like, share, comment) on the other.

So, apart from planning and developing the platform, there is no real need for a ‘team’ at this point. Yet, there is a WhatsApp group of over 100 Secret Agents onboard with developing content and targeted marketing strategies for the initial batch of posts.

I will manage all that.

However, as more input and content is submitted for review, editors and moderators will be needed to ensure quality content finds their way to the top page. By the time this is necessary, I’m sure the results would have validated the need.

Secret Agents can be leveraged to stimulate activity on the platform in the beginning, but, after launch, the first course of action would be to invite content creators from around public communities to contribute opinion piece and grow within the community (favorites can be bookmarked and followed).

I and some Research Oriented Secret Agents on call, can reach out to hundreds of people Creators this way. Closing just 25% of these leads will certainly generate decent results.

Professional Creators aside, this is an incentive for freelance writers to get on board. We can get them from posting on job boards, content mill sites, aggregators channels, social groups, forums and/or reaching out to bloggers in the tech space via social media or email.

This will certainly improve our stats on platforms like lunarcrush.

LunarCRUSH collects data on influencers, social influencer activity and their engagement, frequency, and impact. So, I can see how Scrt.blog could become a top generator of social feeds for Secret Network.

  1. On whether we can bring the talents that I describe into the channels and sites that we already have?

I’d like to get clarifications on the channels and sites that we already have (that you’re referring to). If you mean our current social media handles or the Official Blog, it may not be suitable for this exercise. Unless it’s greatly modified.

The USP for this SNAC is in the content structure of scrt.blog: Easy shares, comments, likes, bookmarks, earning redeemable points from engagement, following your favorite contributors, backlinks to communities owned by some of these Creators, etc.

In fact, it could help unify the secret brand content and keywords across the web, since, it could easily become the central hub for user generated content on Secret Network. Oh, and it’ll be helpful for Secret Agents who are not the best with writing because there are just a lot of sharables and tweetables for them to reuse for relevant missions. This will reinforce such content for Scrt keywords on social media.

I just checked out Near Guilds. Pretty dope. Seems like small hubs for communities on the near ecosystem. They utilize other social networks like telegram, Twitter and some hubs have their own website.

That’s pretty different from what I’m proposing. Content published as blog posts has more search engine rank stake. (It makes you more visible on the internet, as opposed to content within groups and channels). And the nature of those hubs does not promote collaboration. Also, the content themselves are not easily seen. I had to go to websites and telegram groups to find information.

Not easily sharable, and I certainly struggled to to find interesting content. Imagine scrolling through thousands of irrelevant comments to look for content gold. Maybe it’s my fault, but…

Click on https://Scrt.blog and you can immediately see articles you can engage with, share and navigate around. This will attract people from groups and channels to interact with Secret Network on the Open web, further contribution to impressions.

We will attract them because we are engaging Creators within these groups to publish on our platform. And with how easy it will be to share, these readers will help infiltrate their own social circles with Secret Content (Mostly because these content are generated from sources they trust).

If we simply invite these Creators to guest post on Secret Blog, you’ll get excuses like; that’s not my niche, that’s outside my community, i don’t do guest posts, how much are you going to pay, etc.

But, when the content is an opinion piece that can generate new audience for their personal brand (because it is assumed that with all the Creators and readers onboard, good articles backlinked to an author will yield bio check-ins), more Creators will find that more appealing.

  1. “We are also concerned that having many separate channels distributing our message dilutes it somewhat”.

I don’t think that’s how it works. If you mean “dilute” in the sense of people who without knowing enough about the project, publishing and embellishing key details…, then, that’s where education comes in. Interesting campaigns to connect with readers in the tone they’re used to listening to.

The mistake some brands make is trying to tell their audience what to think. One is better off telling prospects what you do, and letting them come to a conclusion on what they think.

It is these thoughts, and questions, and wonders that we want to capture from these communities. And when it is presented prose style in a platform that is crawled by search engines, that’s social proof. That’s organic visibility.

And if I can earn while talking about what I think…? Count me in!

Ps; we need many separate channels distributing our message. We need many separate people (influencers) talking about us to their communities, in a way that benefits them.

We just need to make sure that the message is clearly communicated, so that everyone can understand what we’re saying;

“Secret Network is Building the Infrastructure that allow anyone to design programs and softwares that allows ALL users to have control over their own data and maintain their privacy. This is the basis of Web 3.0.”

I think anyone can understand that.

Mainwhile, I think someone should develop a decentralized Brower or Search engine on Secret Network. That’d be nice.


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Thanks @El_Professor, it seems like you want to build a Secret native version of sites like https://www.publish0x.com/ & https://steemit.com/. This would be super cool to have on the network! Am I correct in my assumption?

Could you share any of these projects with us? To get an idea of what the finished platform you suggest would look like? This can be in private if you prefer but please bare in mind that all SNAC teams must complete KYC.

The budget in your first post totals $10,500 instead of $10k, is that correct?

As I read it:

And to respond to your question.

Yes I was referring to those existing channels, but I think what you are trying to create is a lot more that that after your reply.


Sorry I took long to respond. Offline with tasks.

Yes, more like Steemit.com (with a point system for interaction and engagement). Points that can convert to Scrt.
Major differences in content interface structure to optimize for content marketing.

Note other platform features to initiate a revenue/reward self-sufficiency.

Important to note that steemit is built on the Blockchain. And mode of operation for these features are different.

DMed @SecretSkrillah with other necessary details.

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This is a copy paste from Telegram Brian (Sketty) from Crolatus Capital, with his permission as he said he’s not a forums user. He’s a part of the team working on the broader marketing strategy of Secret Network over at the foundation.

I love the energy and would definitely like to see more quality content coming from outside contributors. There are a lot of issues with this proposal though. First, that’s not how SEO works. Backlinks are very important, but spinning up a new blog and linking to it does absolutely nothing. Backlinks need to come from quality sources (big news outlets, top media sites, etc.) with high domain authority. Second, we already have an amazing link profile that we’ve actively built up, all while reducing spam links. Third, keyword research is a very time consuming art/science. We use tools that cost more than this proposal every month. I highly doubt that any community member would have access to these research tools or the experience to choose high quality keywords, and then be able to effectively write to rank for them. In addition, we have an entire strategy and content calendar for our blog. There are blogs written by professionals each week that have keyword assignments, the correct meta titles, descriptions, H1/H2/H3, internal linking structure, and have been chosen specifically from a keyword bank of over 2,000 items. These blogs are not available anywhere on the site and are solely created to attract new users. They have a much different tone than the official blogs. Lastly, the blog section in general is not mention to teach users. That’s the job of the site pages, guides, and resources. The blog’s job is to attract eyeballs, rank for keywords, and generate clicks to internal pages. It’s does a very good job at all of those.

I generally also echo these thoughts, amongst others, but these are the most relevant to the discussion.

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In the latest leadership call, it was decided not to fund this proposal.

There is a lot of doubt if further diversification of the content to another platform would benefit the readership. Furthermore, it would take a lot of work to start ranking (SEO) as a new platform. It is believed that putting the $ ask 100% towards paid content to be released on an established platform would likely net more awareness per article and a much higher ROI for the total spend.

There are ongoing conversations about how such content generation could be integrated into the upcoming new and improved agent platform.