Thank You! It Has Been a Pleasure Working With You!

After today’s leadership call, my leadership role was removed from the Discord server.

As I had indicated in last week’s call, if leadership decides to remove this due to me moving my product to JUNO, I will respect that. Next time, please inform people in advance so we can take the opportunity to express our gratitude and say our goodbyes while on the call, instead of a forum post :slight_smile:

To all who have been on the leadership call over the past 18 months, THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure to work closely with you and exchange, ideate, and execute ideas on how to push Secret Network further!

As I said before, I will stay involved in the network, as I believe privacy should be the default on blockchains, and Secret Network is one of the very few who fight for that cause. No longer having access to the conversations of the leadership channels will make that involvement harder to be heard, so please, reach out if you want to share thoughts or hear mine on any particular topic. I will keep helping this network within the capacity that is left.

Thank you for everything, and I hope that one day in the future we may work closely again!

Yours sincerely



Loved working with you Stefan :+1:

It was a pleasure and I’m glad we got to be part of this journey together! What started out as A001, led to you finding the confidence to launch your own gaming community, and now you’re pushing your team to newer heights!

Best of luck in all you do and hope to continue seeing you around our community in the future :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Stefan. We very much value your input and wish you all the best!

To give everyone clarity, this wasn’t personal, and we removed several people’s leadership role on Discord who are no longer active. As I wrote in Discord:

Went ahead and removed several builders who have publicly expressed that they will no longer be building on Secret.
I think it goes without saying that Leadership should be reserved to active builders. Probably a good idea to add other similar criteria as well, but as leads is where a lot of privileged information is being shared, it should be limited to actual current leadership.

We’re also revising the criteria to be eligible to a leadership role right now, and I expect that this will be a great opportunity to onboard a lot of the new builders.