Support Team Funding March-May

This proposal is for the on-chain funding of the Support Team for the period of Mar 1st, 2023
to May 31st, 2023.

The Secret Network Support Team is responsible for providing timely and effective support
to users on the network through all available communication channels. This includes
addressing technical issues, moderating community channels, and collaborating with
builders, validators, relayers, and the Core Team to improve the overall user experience.

Target Deliverables for this Funding Period

  • Be at the front-row supporting users in their ecosystem exploration with the upcoming
    release of Shade Protocol, Blizzard Finance, Bushi. but also the depreciation of the
    Secret Bridge that will follow the integration of the Axelar assets on Secret Network
  • Provide timely and effective support to users on the Secret Network through all
    available communication channels (Secret Network Discord, Secret Community
    Telegram, Altermail, Zendesk, and Secret Forums)
  • Moderate community channels (Telegram, Discord, Reddit) to ensure a positive and
    helpful environment for all users
  • Collaborate with builders, validators, relayers, and the Core Team to identify common
    user issues and improve the overall user experience
  • Continue to improve the Zendesk knowledge center.

Budget Request
The Secret Network Support Team asks for compensation for the following roles.
Reverse Sigh will be leaving the Secret Network support team to dedicate himself to his role
at Lavender.five. No replacement will fill his position but the support team will make sure to
be available to provide support on a 24/7 basis

Compensated Roles
MrGarbonzo $3000 / month | 80 hours per month
Waffle $3000 / month | 80 hours per month

Discretionary Budget
No discretionary budget will be asked, the Zendesk being funded from the Support’s team

Total Ask
Total Proposal Spend for 3 Months: $18,000 (22,225SCRT @ $.81)


Big support. Keep it up guys.


When did a month become 160 hours?

Happy to support you guys again & thanks for all the hard work!


Easy yes from me. This is a key role for the network, and both Waffle and Garbanzo have proven themselves in it.