Officially Leaving Secret Foundation

Greetings Secret Community,

It has been an honor to work with the Secret Foundation since January of 2021 - nearly 15 months ago since I began. Specifically, it has been a pleasure to work with @tor, his mentorship has been invaluable on my individual journey of working fulltime in Web3. Another special thank you to Jordan, Mr. Hawk, and Jay W. and everyone else that are key partners with the Secret Foundation, I truly enjoyed working with each and every one of you. As a marketing and community manager, I performed the following:

  • Wrote ~80 blogs (15 monthly ecosystem updates!)
  • Assisted with connecting grantees to the grants program
  • Assisted with BizDev relationships
  • Assisted with distribution of marketing materials
  • Responded to and participated with working directly with community members on a daily basis
  • Helped lead the dev committee through the majority of 2021
  • Attended multiple Secret Network live events
  • Assisted with the creation of SF quarterly transparency reports
  • Managed the SF content calendar
  • Created the “Profiles” github repo (~400 commits)
  • Helped with creation of the initial V2 website in 2021 (shout-out to the massive overhaul in progress!)
  • Regularly updated the CMS on the main website to reflect the most up to date articles & dApps
  • Wrote & updated the Secret Network graypaper

Those were the primary things I accomplished. Throughout my time at the Secret Foundation, Tor Bair & the Secret Foundation pushed me to achieve as much as possible for Secret Network. I have a fond memory in college of dreaming about working in Web3 fulltime - being able to work with the Secret Foundation for 15 months was a dream come true!

I have now officially pivoted to working fulltime as a lead researcher for Shade Protocol - a DeFi application built on Secret Network. I believe I will be maximizing my contributions to Secret Network by pursuing this opportunity fulltime. I want to thank the entire Secret community for being so awesome; amidst the highs and lows of this network’s history, your dedication to bringing privacy to Web3 keeps the core contributors pushing as hard as possible day in and day out.

Cheers to a bright future - Secret Network is just getting started, and our collective drive and conviction as a community to bring privacy to Web3 is stronger then ever.

Onwards & upwards :wink:

-Carter Woetzel (Secret Agent & Lead Researcher at Shade Protocol)


All around, incredibly impressive! Congratulations & I’m excited to see what you do at Shade Protocol.


How the F do we replace this guy? His output is not human :slight_smile: Thanks for everything Carter! You’re a legend and will keep contributing to the ecosystem through Shade and Secure Secrets no doubt!


I’m bullish on Shade! Also, thank you Carter for onboarding ALTER onto the Secret Network. I am so glad to know you and let’s make history together! :sunglasses:


NOOOO CARTERRRR I’ll miss you buddy
You lit up calls when you joined them, and were always such a gem to discuss with in the few instances I both got to hear you speak and talk to you

Lets keep this ecosystem growing; bigger, better, stronger.

Onwards and upwards mate :rocket:
P.S. I will be around Shade more just to interact with you guys lol


Best of luck on Shade and all future new ventures, Carter!


Love you man! Best of luck with the new hustle :male_detective:


Best of luck Carter, looking forward to Shade’s development now that you are full-time :wink:


Thank you for all you have done at SF, always is a pleasure to work with you and can’t wait to see what kinds of amazing things you’ll do at Shade Protocol!

Going fulltime to SHD doesn’t mean we will forget about that ‘100 dolla’ rap videoclip with all the bells and whistles btw :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You contributions to Secret Network will never be forgotten. Thanks for your support. Wish you all the best!

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Shade just grabbed an invaluable asset of Secret Foundation, A GOAT :goat: at what he does… You will always be remembered for all the good work you have done, Congratulations and best of luck in your new path.

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@Carter-Woetzel is an unstoppable force of Secret nature and he will continue to kill it on all of our behalf!

Grateful for the opportunity to work with you, and now alongside you :slight_smile: