Staking reward question Quiet monkey mind node

under*** i monitor my staked enigma/scrt tokens. suddenly my not yet claimed reward vanished.

what did i do wrong?

If you added more to your stake, your rewards are auto claimed. Sounds like that may be what you did?

i thank you for the quick reply. good idea.

no, i did not do anything. yesterday , after half a year accumulation nearly 7 scrt under rewards–now 0.

Rewards are automatically claimed during chain upgrades, so it should still show you the accumulated amount since 10 November.

wow- this community i super active. thank you.

“automatically claimed during chain upgrades” - true, i observed that too.
i meant -rewards plus -Available were nearly 7scrt and by 10scrt, i wanted to claim and compound. but -reward section 0 without more under -Available.

i found this stats:

-71% is that a concern or the reason?

That is interesting, check what Keplr says. Should be correct on there.

The cause of that -70% is a single address undelegating, so wouldn’t worry too much about that specifically. It doesn’t have anything to do with your rewards either way :slight_smile:

pmuecke! was right. " check what Keplr says".

(i am running ubuntu from dvd with 4gb ram and have to setup everything anew for 47 minutes in total every day. so i rarely install brave and keplr isnt running under firefox.
anyway, i looked into my keplr account directly and all rewards scrt were there. iam happy now)

it seems just the monitor page was buggy.

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Yeah, we had some issues with rewards on due to IBC enabling rewards in denominations other than SCRT. I pushed a fix yesterday, it should work properly now! Let me know if it’s still incorrect next time you check