Problem claiming SCRT staking rewards & adding SEFI Token on Keplr wallet


I have been trying to claim my secret rewards or add SEFI Token to my KEPLR wallet.
All the transactions fail with a Network Error. I have made sure that there is enough SCRT balance to compensate for the GAS fees, tried different GAS charges but nothing is working for the last 3+ days.
Initially I thought that this could be cause of the network congestion but it has not been fixed for days now.
I have been able to deposit SCRT to my wallet from my binance account, but any network transactions are not going through with my wallet.
I use Brave browser and the KEPLR extension.
I get a message of ‘Tx Failed. Network Error’ for any transaction I attempt.
My scrt address is secret10lrmxs3uyycg3r5p9u9e0jutf4ezyx2jjmea6e

Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you!

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So just for record, I have removed my wallet from Brave and moved to Chrome. I have got no clue what was messed up with the network connection that it allowed me to deposit/withdraw SCRT but I was not able to add to my stake, claim staking rewards or Add any of the new SeFi tokens. It is alright on Chrome.
I guess adding the extension back on Brave could make it work as well but will just stick with Chrome as of now. It was an unnecessary headache honestly, I was searching for stuff like reset connection on the Keplr wallet but could not find any. There is only an option of disabling the connection but well, did not go that way.

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Having similar problems. KEPLR shows my assets OK & my LP staking tokens, but cannot access any of these to claim rewards (other than those of staking SCRT), swap, re-earn or withdraw. On chrome originally but unable to claim. Moved to Brave & for a bit worked OK. Then suddenly came up with ‘wrong viewing key’. Now moved back to chrome (with spending for third time for viewing keys.) Still no joy. Checked public keys & they are all reflected in KEPLR wallet as the same, so can only conclude it is a network/congestion issue??? We need a bit of feedback from the developers please??