[Solved] Setting up help

Is there an updated guide, using: https://build.scrt.network/validators-and-full-nodes/setup-sgx.html

Been able to ‘fix’ the release numbers and all. But when I get to some steps, seem to hit a wall.

Such as: >secretd init-enclave
Returns an error ( unknown command).

I guess I’m looking for either an updated guide to get started and/or doc’s. Thanks in advance.

Check out https://secretnodes.org/#/tutorials/deploy-enigma-fullnode.

Thanks so much.

Looks to have the updated links.

Question though, I’ve performed step #4 twice now ( downloading of the Genesis Block File ) and when I go to check the hash (step #5) - in both cases, I get a fail.

A sha256sum on my json gives, “e505aef…”

Please use these docs going forward.




Thanks so much.

Looks like when I go to https://learn.scrt.network/ --> Network --> How do I run a Secret Node,

This drops me off here: https://build.scrt.network/validators-and-full-nodes/secret-nodes.html

When I get to #2 of the walk through though, the hash of the json file isn’t what I have.

Is this the correct install path? I would like to spin up a full node - I even got a NUC specifically with the necessary hardware. Just wanted to make sure that I’m not on the wrong path if you will.

The build.scrt.network guide for setting up a full node is the right one. Try to start from scratch with that guide and remove anything you installed from the old version.

Will do. If I run into anything though - really glad to see such an active community on the forums.


I’m also having the same issue in step #5 of https://build.scrt.network/validators-and-full-nodes/run-full-node-mainnet.html.

The checksum for the genesis.json file didn’t match. Any suggestions?

Sorry for this, try now: https://github.com/enigmampc/SecretNetwork/blob/master/docs/validators-and-full-nodes/run-full-node-mainnet.md

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Thanks so much - and really the number of folks jumping in to help, shows how strong of a community has been created here. Great work.

On something totally different, I just was wondering if you got my email from Kestrel? Would love to unpack. Thanks.


Hey Jeff,

Where did you send your email from Kestrel?

BTW we had met in Silicon Valley Ethereum meetup in Hacker Dojo in 2016. Good to see you here!

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