Assistance with node setup

Hi all,

I’m learning as much as possible to get ready for the testnet deployment and to have a chance with being selected as a genesis node.

I’ve deployed an instance of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server to VULTR on a bare metal machine. I’ve successfully installed the Intel SGX driver.

I’m following the instructions for running a testnode from this page, ensuring docker and docker-compose are deployed from the docker repos so they are the latest:

I get all the way to running ./launch.bash -t from the network folder but encounter the following errors:

Can anyone assist or is it currently not working?

You got further than I did. Mine is stuck on “Invalid published port: 5552-5562” I’m going to see if it’s a problem with my Ubuntu installation. Maybe some ports are turned off.

I had that issue also, I had to move the network my machine was on as I belive the NAT configuration of that router was blocking it.

OK, now I have the payable thing too. Along with a bouquet of other errors.
On the plus side 3 terminal windows opened so it’s running.

Hi @Channel and @barrybulb – thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’re focused on the next version right now, and unfortunately may not be able to troubleshoot this in depth at this time. However, we will be hands-on to help people working to run a node for Discovery.