I know nothing about computers/coding - can I still set up a secret node for the Genesis Game?


as the title says - I have no coding knowledge but I would like to participate in the Genesis Game. Is there a documentation anywhere that dummies like me will understand on how to set up a test net secret node for participation in the Genesis Game? I have an Ubuntu Computer, I am just looking for a step-by-step explanation of the process I need to follow to set up my node.

Thanks for any help!


Hi and welcome.
You’re off to a good start with ubuntu so it’d be great if you tried, helps make the setup bullet proof.
For now hang tight, there’ll be time to configure your node before the game starts, if you’re super eager you can run discovery testnet on your local though the guides are developer oriented for now.

Hi taariq

thank you very much for your answer. So I understand correctly that right now there is no need to set up any node at all. The node set-up only becomes important AFTER the testnet ENG have been distributed and you will publish a dumbed-down idiot-proof explanation of how to set them up?



Yep, also see this post

  1. After the snapshot is taken, we will distribute testnet ENG. As mentioned above, after deploying Discovery on testnet you will then be able to set up and begin operating a secret node. Again, we intend to provide significant support to node runners in the form of documentation and videos, and we expect that our partners, community, Ambassadors, and Genesis Game participants will also create helpful materials.

  2. After a short setup period following testnet deployment, the Genesis Game will begin. As described earlier, genesis nodes will then be selected based on uptime and testnet token staking.

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