SNIP-721 Proof-of-Ownership Discord Bot

Figured I would post this here in case any other devs or creators might find it useful.

A proof-of-ownership Discord bot for SNIP-721 tokens on the Secret Network. Verified owners are given specified roles. In addition, there is a cron script included which will continuously check ownership of all the holders and remove users that no longer hold any tokens.


Looks great @Krinkled!

Weill it be able to handle users who have different wallets for different NFT’s, but only 1 Discord account?

Thank you @SecretSkrillah :smiley:

That’s a great question. Yes, it absolutely will be able to handle that.

For others who may be wondering about badges; the bot currently supports sBadges. I will be adding some new features in a V2 upgrade which will allow collection creators to assign different roles based on attributes, token subtype (badges) and more! Will post it here in the thread once I have finished testing the new features.