Snip20 generator

So I’ve build a snip20 generator on testnet. I’m just gathering some feedback and suggestions. Have a play around and let me know what you think.


I am playing with this - it’s super cool!

I had problems with creating a SNIP20 - Keplr TX doesn’t load for me to approve

Regarding NFTs, I’d suggest you synch with @baedrik and @floAr to ensure that your minting contract works well with the marketplace contract that’s been built

Looking forward to testing this again!


Hey Can, I’ve been trying to repro this issue all day but I’m unable to do so. Which browser and OS are you using?

This is great! I didn’t notice any issues when I tested it. If holodeck was added to a wallet a while ago it might need to be re-added due to some changes to the network configuration. The blank keplr window looks like that might be what is going on here. see Discord

Ahh ok. This might be the issue. Thanks.

Update: File encryption

When creating a NFT, the private file is now encrypted. This means that you can’t view the private file by just using the ipfs link. To view the file, it requires a key, which is saved to the NFT’s private metadata on creation. The app will automatically decrypt the file on demand. Have a play around.


It all worked for me, was asked to create the viewing key at the end, so I can see the tokens in keplr, but not on the site.
Maybe that’s already known/coming, but it would be great to see my contracts in a dropdown rather than input the address to be able to manage/mint etc
Its already a mission finding that contract address if you don’t know where to look, so having to find it and re-enter it is also a mission.

Looking really good overall, great work!

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It wasn’t on the list but now it is. Thanks for the suggestion.

Looks very cool! Everything works for me :grinning:


I’d like to generate my SNIP-20 token in mainnet .

I’ll get it up on mainnet hopefully by end of this week.


Awesome… very cool…you rule

The SNIP20 token generator is now live on mainnet. In just two clicks you can create your own privacy token.



YESSS :grinning: :+1: well done :clap:t5:

Small updates:

  • Your token contracts are now in a dropdown @taariq
  • Added transfer/transaction history
  • Added snip20 auctions

Where could we find our token contracts ? After generating the token.

Do you mean the token contract address? If so, once you’ve created your token, you’ll be prompted to create a viewing key. Clicking “Ok” will pop up a Keplr window with your token details. You can find the address on there. I don’t think this is ideal and will need to figure out a better flow for this.

The token contract can be found here: GitHub - ScrtGarden/snip20-reference-impl: This is a reference implementation of the SNIP-20 standard.

You can see the instantiated contract if you go to your account’s transaction history in, But in the UI you can wait for the instantiation to complete, and then the TX logs include the new contract address that you can just display in the webapp.

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This, are lil bit strange!! not like mint cosmos, eth, bsc scan. past your address - txt …etc then you can find all transaction details.

click the :mag: on the top right, then search your address. you’ll see everything you expect to see