Gauging community interest in this becoming an official SNIP

I was just wondering whether the community was interested in this becoming an official SNIP: snip-722-spec/ at master · baedrik/snip-722-spec · GitHub

It is an optional extension to SNIP-721 that implements non-transferable tokens as well as a standard for making badges interoperable amongst the different dApps that might have use for them.

As people might have noticed, I’ve already implemented these extensions in the SNIP-721 reference implementation (GitHub - baedrik/snip721-reference-impl: This is an implementation of the SNIP-721 Standard with select additional features) some time ago, and have finally updated the README to describe the 722-specific extensions. The ref impl has some other additions people have requested that I have not had time yet to include in the README like BatchNftDossier and NumTokensOfOwner (query that returns the count of tokens that the querier is authorized to see the owner of, that belong to a specific address). In time, I will update the ref impl README and create a draft SNIP-723 specification to see if the community is interested in that extension becoming an official SNIP as well.

Also, if the community is interested in utilizing this as a network standard, I might create a spend proposal for backpay if/when I find the time.


From my limited understanding of what your proposing, I personally would as a user, yes.

I think that there are a lot of potential applications for non-transferrable tokens especially in the agents program, where we could use them as rewards alongside our current system to incentivise use of the ecosystem without containing monetary value themselves, or at least something of that nature.