Community Feedback Needed: CertUP SNIP-721 Certification platform

Hello! We have begun building this project and will soon be applying for a grant. We would greatly appreciate any feedback the community has regarding where we can improve our proposal, fill in any gaps in understanding, or add additional data you feel we need to include. We’re posting it as a google doc because being new to the forum, we aren’t able to post the multiple links and images found in the proposal. Thank you!


Love this!!! We’ve all wanted this built, and the Trivium team rocks at building a bunch of stuff as network goods!


Very interesting proposal, definitely think this is something that a lot of people have been looking forward to since the introduction of the SNIP-721 standard! :slight_smile:

Will it be possible to mint copies of the certificates and will they be transferable?

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The certificates won’t be transferable since they are associated with the individual and their wallet. For example, you don’t want to be able to send your diploma or drivers license to be owned by someone, but you do want to be able to allow others to see it. Let’s say for example a website is using certificate IDs to allow you to buy alcohol: you do not want to be able to have people below the drinking age borrow IDs from someone older to illegally purchase it. However, if for some reason you do personally need to change wallets, the issuer of your certificate should be contacted to make adjustments to the certificate after proving you are the person that received the first one, and they can reissue it to you. This process will also allow data adjustments, which may for example be needed if you have a diploma, and change your name afterwards, and want the diploma to match.


Awesome stuff! Look forward to getting my first CERTup at the European Blockchain Convention.

Can you elaborate on how they will be used there?


The EBC is interested in giving certificates to their event attendees, as well as the hosts and speakers.

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