SNF - Streamlining our Strategy and Team Structure

As we look forward to the future of the Confidential Computing Constellation with Secret at the hub, we’ve seen a need to streamline and sharpen the focus of our operations. We’ve heard your feedback, we’ve studied the competition, and our team’s wisdom is leading us down a new path. SNF is poised to capitalize on our strengths as we go into the strongest phase of growth yet, with talent that has intimate knowledge of the ecosystem and an insane amount of passion for its success. We’ll be able to leverage that talent to produce effective grassroots marketing strategies to match with the groundswell of adoption that is coming.

Our north star to build KPI’s from in the coming months is Secret’s profile and footprint within the market. All of our efforts between Secret Labs and SNF are fully aligned, whether it’s new partnerships, onboarding developers, product innovations, or making it easy to use Secret tokens anywhere and everywhere. We are all working towards a common sweeping goal to make Secret the Confidential Execution Layer of the Web3 space, and our efforts will be evaluated and iterated on by how much they add to our momentum.

We made the decision to restructure our team, flattening the hierarchy and entrusting each contributor with a larger breadth of responsibility. Going forward, we will place more focus on scrappy strategies and grassroots marketing. Anything that creates momentum for Secret Network and the Constellation narrative with Secret at the center. Initiatives for things like influencer relationships, virtual events, thought leadership, expanding our social strategy, and closing partnerships to increase visibility of Secret in an effective and economical way are all part of our new mission. With new leadership, ground-breaking tech releases, and a host of new builders on Secret - it’s a whole new world.

We’ve also restructured our business development efforts by adding a great asset, with years of blockchain experience, to lead our BD efforts. We will be focusing on adoption of Secret’s VRF, bringing in VC’s for our dev community, finding partners to increase liquidity in our DeFi protocols, and transitioning platforms to our smooth privacy solution. Overall, our goal has been to create a leaner, laser-focused business development strategy that we can build upon as we create momentum.

Our World Ambassadors program has refined its focus. Luca and Pope have some great on-the-ground events in communities they are uniquely positioned to reach.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements of some new partnerships - just the tip of the iceberg of what we have planned this year. The brand conversation continues to evolve as well.

In the meantime, we will continue taking your feedback and delivering on our commitment to transparency, while Secret’s footprint and visibility in the space grow by leaps and bounds.

Below is the new structure of our team and their respective groups. As always, we are happy to answer questions and create a great relationship with our community.


Bullish to see it, the future is looking bright💫

Onwards and upwards🚀