Refueling Secret's growth with new leadership

Hey Secret Network Community,

I hope you’re all doing fantastic and making the most of this summer. I’ve got some important updates to share, and there’s a big personal announcement in the mix too. :star2:

My journey began with a singular focus: to address the challenges of private computation. This drive fueled my research, giving birth to Secret Network, and I’m incredibly proud of where we’ve gotten with it. We’ve created the world’s first and most expansive private computation network. And while we’ve come far, there’s so much more to do and so much to look forward to. We’ve set the stage, and many are now following our lead. We truly are the trailblazers, guiding Web3 safely forward, and Secret needs to make sure it leads the path for everyone else.

The growth of Secret has been phenomenal. It’s now bigger than just SCRT Labs or me. Numerous organizations and our dedicated community are driving it ahead. And, as the CEO of SCRT Labs, my capacity to make instant changes has naturally diminished - and that’s a good thing. As a crypto project evolves, a CEO often finds themselves more in administrative and diplomatic roles. But as many of you know, I shine brightest when I’m immersed in uncharted research and development.

So, I’ve decided to focus on how best I can advance the cause of private computation in Web3: through research. I’ve re-enrolled in the PhD program at the MIT Media Lab, an academic environment that will serve to sharpen my focus and build deeper connections with the community researching private computation.

You’ve already caught a glimpse of my recent work in our paper on enclaves and MPC (Threshold Unstoppable Wallets), and as many of you know – I’m also very excited about FHE, which is at a tipping point. More generally, my goal is to discover the optimal blend of technologies to sculpt the future of privacy in Web3, and I’m convinced that a multi-faceted approach is the key, in which Secret has a huge part to play.

With my shift towards research and focusing on building rather than managing, we needed someone to take on the role of CEO at SCRT Labs. Someone who gets our vision and can, alongside the awesome Lisa Loud at the Secret Network Foundation, steer Secret into its next growth phase.

That’s why I’m excited to announce that Alex Zaidelson, the ex-CEO & brains behind the Beam Privacy Blockchain, is joining us! Alex also brings a lot of expertise in the DeFi, MEV and Ethereum L2 ecosystems, through his more recent role as one of the leading figures at VirtuSwap. With Alex and Lisa at the forefront, it feels like we’re assembling a crypto dream team. We’ll share more about Alex’s joining in the next couple of weeks, where we give him the stage to introduce himself. For now, suffice to say that I couldn’t imagine a better person to lead SCRT Labs and Secret in it’s next growth phase.

But just to clarify: I’m still very much here, and deeply committed to SCRT Labs and the Secret Network. With the buzz around MEV, randomness, and account abstraction, it’s evident that the Private Compute space is set to boom. And Secret is primed to spearhead this revolution as the leading decentralized private computation network. I’ll continue to play an active part in our journey, both through my research and in my ongoing role at SCRT Labs, plus as an engaged board member of the Secret Network Foundation. The strategy’s the same, just with a few role tweaks.

Thank you for your unwavering support and for being the heartbeat of this network. Here’s to more milestones, innovations, and good times ahead!

Stay awesome,


This is exciting news, Guy. Looking forward to hearing more about it!


I’m happy for you man, sounds like this will allow you to focus on what you’re passionate about, that’s important. Looking forward to meeting Alex and seeing what he brings to the network, and also looking forward to further contributions from you on the research side!


I am delighted to hear this wonderful news! Congratulations on embarking on your journey at the prestigious MIT Media Lab. Secret Network Africa stands by to support and celebrate your continued successes.

Welcome Alex, It is with great pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of Secret Network Africa. We are thrilled to have you join our community, and we look forward to the invaluable contributions and insights you will undoubtedly bring to our network.


This is exciting news, Guy. Looking forward to hearing more about it!


Thanks for the intro Guy! I am really excited to be here and serve this great community to the best of my ability!


Welcome, Alex! Super excited to work with you.


Sounds like good stuff to me! I am glad to see you concentrate on what you are best at and love most. Research, development, and changing the world! I look forward to seeing what you create with more time to focus. Also congrats on MIT!

Alex, welcome to the community, I look forward to seeing more of you!


Excited to see where this next stage of research & growth can bring us as a network. I’m personally super pumped to get to know Alex and have him onboarded into the community. With the combination of Guy on research, SLABs devs on development, Lisa on the SNF, and Alex leading SLABs, the future is bright.

Our mandate as a community is to empower users around the globe with privacy for Web3 - as someone who has been here since the earliest days, it is beyond exciting to see new folks committed to progressing the cause of privacy. Let this be a launchpad moment where we can all come together with a common goal. A shared ethos. A love for cryptography, privacy, and Web3.

“Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.”
― Edward Snowden

Secret Network has a LOT left to say. Much of the story still untold, technology unexplored.

Heres to pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

-Carter Woetzel (Shade Protocol Lead Researcher)


Thanks for the kind words Carter! And I love this Snowden quote - so true. Looking forward to get to know you, and all the community!


Thanks for the welcome, it’s heartwarming!


Welcome to the ecosystem Alex! Looking forward to get to know you and excited to hear your plans once you get situated.

Seems like we’re getting a great team together to take the next leap forward :fire:

@guy have fun diving into the depths of research and thereby advancing our knowledge on the cutting edge of confidential compute. Research can be a crazy journey but it’s definitely worth it! Looking forward to see what you come up with :eyes:


Thanks for the welcome! Looking forward to getting to know the African community. At Beam, we had a strong African community as well, and I know the potential is great and growing!

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Great things happening to great people! Very exciting news, and looking forward to what tomorrow brings for SLabs, FHE, the Network, and beyond.


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Welcome aboard the good ship Secret @alexz, I had my eye on you guys at Beam for a while so this is invigorating news!

Look forward to meeting you, and if you need a connection to any of the builder teams or international communities in the ecosystem just shoot me a DM @SecretSkrillah on Discord, Telegram & Twitter :sunglasses:

We also have our door open over at the Secret Agency for any star players from the Beam community to come and help us campaign for Web3 privacy. :male_detective: :world_map: :female_detective:

Big up to the big dawg @guy for focussing on the research, I can’t wait to see what comes out of your lab next!


Guy, thank you for creating this, for your vision, for your execution and for everything that working for Legendao under both managements has given me.

SCRT’s mission to bring privacy to the masses is of dire importance.

I taught English for coders in a college here for a semester (not recommended, but I believe it’s a requirement for PHD candidates).

The kids think “There’s no such thing as privacy” and have no interest in pursuing it or why they even should.

It’s terrifying.

You being on the ground in an institution hosting some of the top tech minds on the planet is a chance to change this.

If students don’t learn about it now, they’re not going to care about our tech in the future.

Good luck, G-dspeed

לך בשלום, תחזור הביתה מהר בשלום, והצלחה רבה

If you need local MOT comm connections there LMK.
PPS Who TF is Newton on Xitter? I thought it was you. :smiley:


I appreciate your dedication to transcending what is possible on Secret, and in the privacy sector of Web3. A lot of maneuvers taking place to be optimistic about, looking forward to what the future holds.

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Hey Alex,

Welcome to the community!!
Excited to hear about your goals and plans in the near future for Secret Ecosystem!! Always nice to see more people joining and being part of the ecosystem!!

Also good luck on your research journey @guy !!

Mohammed (Shade Protocol)

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Thanks Mohammed! I will be taking the coming weeks to formulate the vision and plans, and will be sharing that with the community.
I am strong believer in general motions to wards the wide ecosystem, and I feel we have a lot to offer.


Didn’t think I’d be seeing you leaving as good news but it’s a win win in this case. Much success in your new endeavors, and pls keep us posted on your work!