Secret Foundation Q3 Transparency Report

Hello all,

Secret Foundation is releasing here its Q3 transparency report, showing more details on how we are working to support the sustainability of the Secret Network ecosystem as well as our own position as a self-sustaining organization that will support Secret well into the future. We presented this report on the December 8th community governance call. See: Governance Meeting Notes Mega-Thread - #31 by pmuecke

The mission of Secret Foundation is to support the global adoption of open-source, privacy-centric technologies that help protect and empower users around the world. We are working to grow Secret into a top 20 protocol with millions of users, to expand its strong global community of developers and advocates, and to universally establish the Secret brand as a representation of security, openness, groundbreaking utility, freedom, and empowerment.

PDF version of Transparency Report:

Our Q4 2021 focuses are noted in the Transparency Report and include:


● Creating explosive awareness outcome for Secret focused on launch of Supernova network upgrade
● Word of mouth around Supernova as major event in global crypto market

Secret NFTs

● Supporting growth of network vertical and go-to-market partners
● Building creator pipeline and support of critical tooling

Human Capital

● Amplify pace of hiring for fulltime / contractors
● Expand Secret Agent program
● More in-person activations

Adoption and Availability

● Solidify global access to SCRT
● Support DEX availability
● Fiat on-ramp integrations

We are also looking to establish regular Open Hours hosted by the Foundation on the Secret Discord to increase our availability between transparency reports. In addition, members of the Foundation routinely participate in and/or lead Committee meetings. As another new initiative, we will be hosting weekly Secret Spaces on Twitter (beginning with yesterday’s Secret Space with the Stashh team).

Thanks to everyone at the Foundation and community who helped in the preparation of this report!