SecretSwap is LIVE on Mainnet!

Okay, I believe I found 21 sSCRET (I never swapped sETh for sSCRET so I’m not sure how that happened). But I have no idea where teh sETH from the first transaction went.

Then hotbit got your funds.

Go to the Earn tab, seems like you have the rewards token, you might have locked your sETH to get sSCRT rewards.

So, you guys sent sETH to hotbit? Without an address? While sending .75 SCRT to the address you requested on the box?

ok, so they’re not on Hotbit (I sent them an email). I’m out of SCRT now and need to figure out how to convert my sSCRT to SCRT for my Keplir wallet for gas.

0.2 sETH were send to the address I posted here on this thread. If this account belongs to hotbit then they need to access the sETH with Keplr and send it to you.

Nobody but you sent the funds to whatever secret address you chose to bud. When you cross the bridge, you are locking your ETH for sETH and that sETH gets minted and sent to the address specified by you.

There’s nothing mysterious here. If when you locked your ETH you specified the hotbit wallet address, then I’m not sure what on earth you were thinking.


What on Earth was I thinking? Here it is: “Secret sounds awesome and I’d love to be a part of that community and the cool airdrop coming up.”

What am I thinking now: “Maybe the bridge gets eaten by termites and collapses. Why don’t they have box for sETH? Why does their box just say “Destination SECRET ADDRESS” (read: and not sETH address)? Why is it so challenging to even buy secret coins?”

I may not be a big shot, but I am an avid crypto trader and I can tell you that if I have a great time, which is 80% of crypto projects, 20 other people are going to be doing it. Because I am a converter (meaning, I’ve gotten friends and family who had no idea what crypto was into it and they do what I do).

In fact, the opposite has happened with SECRET. I have discouraged several people from using the bridge. I know that has no implications on your success, and maybe I’m too stupid to utilize your divine bridge, but you know what, if you guys want to be the Subway of crypto, stupid people need to learn how to use your bridge too.

This is quite honestly the first experience I’ve had in the crypto space where I actually missed keeping money in Wells Fargo. Because when something goes wrong, I can talk to someone about it and they take care of it. Losing money is the exact reason why I fell in love with crypto and stopped using my bank account (except for a few dollars I have to keep i there).

In short, losing money using your product does not enamour me to your movement. In any case, thank you Assaf, I will look for those secret coins and see if I can uncover anything new on Hobit. I am still talking to them, but the whole thing has been so time consuming and sort of a nightmare, I had to take a break from it and focus on the current bull run.


Hi @Norith,

I’m sorry to hear of your trials and tribulations with the Bridge :frowning_face:. The team is working on UI/UX improvements so that should help future users. You’ve raised some good points on the usability aspect and as a Secret Network community member I appreciate your feedback.

I was wondering if you recognized the secret1... address that you sent you 0.2 sETH to when you used the Bridge? Is it your Hotbit sETH wallet?

Let us know how you make out with getting those funds back, if they were sent to Hotbit?

Thank you for your help Laura, you have rekindled my faith in SECRET. The community has been for the most part very kind, regardless of my bouts of rage. I’m glad no one took anything personally. We’re still in the horse and carriage period of crypto and I’m that guy who sees a car and thinks, what the heck is that? And, I want that.

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“I’m that guy who sees a car and thinks, what the heck is that? And, I want that.” – that’s awesome!

Hey would it possible to make it so claiming rewards on the Earn page could pay gas out of the rewards being claimed? I just left enough scrt in my wallet to claim one more time, then screwed up the transaction and have a 0 balance now. So I have to go to a CEX, buy 1 scrt and then send it to my wallet, just so I claim some SCRT that is acknowledged by the system to be mine. It’s not horrible but it feels unnecessarily clunky.

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