Secret Network v1.13 upgrade

Upcoming Secret Network 1.13 Upgrade - Transitioning to DCAP

Hey everyone,

SNF is happy to announce that SCRTLabs has successfully deployed the latest 1.13 upgrade on Testnet. Together with SCRTLabs have already successfully tested a full node setup on Testnet using a next gen Intel Scalable Processor setup (here, a 5th gen scalable processor).

As expected, the new update allows the network to use the newer DCAP attestation method for registering valid Intel SGX enclaves. The old EPID method will be deprecated by Intel next year, which made it necessary to move this method.

With DCAP, we are able to make use of the latest Intel Scalable Processors (3rd, 4th, 5th gen), promising an increased hardware performance for the whole network while driving down overall cost of node running for bigger API usage.

Upgrade 1.13 will also include a fix for the Rosetta API, which is necessary for allowing potential interactions with the backend from Coinbase, as well as version bump for IBC-go.

To check if you node is compatible, please use the following docs:

The rollout plan will for the on-chain upgrade will be:

On-Chain proposal by the May 14th
Actual upgrade at May 21st, with the exact upgrade block height coming later.