Network Upgrade Proposal

Hi everyone

We recently found out that our version of the CosmWasm module doesn’t support a very common DeFi (and contracts in general) design pattern: it is not possible to call contracts that were instantiated during the same transaction.

We propose to apply this PR within the next 2 weeks, starting with an on-chain proposal on December 10th, 2020. Among other things, this would allow the introduction of an AMM Secret Contract.

This upgrade is going to be simple and easy and should therefore be uncontentious. If the community agrees and an upgrade proposal passes, then we will release a new secretd binary that includes this patch.

The steps each node runner would need to take are:

  1. Stop the node.
  2. Replace the old secretd binary with the new one.
  3. Start the node again.

It is important to note that while this starts as a soft-fork, it will over time develop into a hard fork, so it is crucial for all validators to upgrade ASAP. Once 67% of the network is upgraded, the fix would go into effect and outdated nodes may be excluded due to consensus failure.

Please share your thoughts.

Thanks and happy secret holidays! :christmas_tree::santa::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Since the eth bridge / amm is coming out, and we’ve named all upgrades so far after planets in Star Trek. I think we should call this the “ Ferenginar Upgrade”. Ferenginar Is a planet of merchants and trade, seems fitting.


I love it that we right away jumped to naming this upgrade. :sweat_smile:


YES to the name!


Sounds good! Standing by to upgrade.


Yes looks critical,

Just to confirm we are only making two things for this upgrade.

  1. Upgrade CosmWasm.
  2. secretd binary upgrade.

Also we are not applying anything new to SGX right?

Thanks @assafmo

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Yes, SGX requirements and code remains the same.
The SGX code is in fact located in /usr/lib/, and secretd loads it as a dynamic library. We’re only upgrading secretd.