Upgrade Complete! Secret Contracts LIVE on Mainnet

Secret Contracts are LIVE on Mainnet!

Fellow Secret Agents,

The secret is out! After years of research & engineering work alongside community coordination, privacy-preserving “Secret Contracts" are LIVE on mainnet. This means Secret Network is the first blockchain to support encrypted, general-purpose computation.

:mag_right: Full announcement is on the Secret Blog, including quotes from ecosystem contributors, along with more information about solutions already in development:

Why are Secret Contracts important?

  • Currently, everything done using smart contracts on a blockchain is public by default: your data, your transactions, your identity, etc.
  • For blockchain technology to achieve global adoption, users (including companies and other organizations) need control over how their data is used – they can’t expose it to everyone.

Following this upgrade, Secret Network is now ready for Secret Contracts with encrypted inputs, outputs, and state. You can think of Secret Network as combining the programmability of Ethereum with the privacy of Zcash. This capability for programmable privacy empowers developers to build their own permissionless, privacy-first “Secret Apps.”

:rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Here is a fun sixty second video produced by @Julian (a member of our community) explaining what Secret Network is and why it matters:

Please let us know if you have questions or any feedback regarding this announcement ~ we will have more secrets to share very soon! :shushing_face:

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