SCRT E-Sports Franchise

I would like to begin discussion on creating a SCRT E-Sports Franchise .

SNACS funding could be an ideal opportunity to lay the foundation .

I personally have zero experience in the gaming realm.

Before I continue to fully explain how I feel an E-Sports SCRT Franchise could benefit SN ,
I would be interested to gauge if there is any interest from other community members too push this idea forward.

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I’ve played a lot of competitive games in my life (cs, dota, sc) the hurdle to be professional and garner attention is enormous. It’s easier to sponsor a team that’s already pretty successful. A lot of the best have teams in every game. I personally don’t think it’s a bad idea as gaming/crypto have some natural overlaps. The people who game mostly build pcs/understand tech, troll on social media, etc. Gaming is also an extremely global sport so the attention would be widespread.

Just look up the Dota International (40m+ dollar prize pools) and their teams if you want an idea. I’d pick a team that has high level cs and dota teams as those are the most popular competitive games.

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Before we become a meme in the gaming space, i think we should first build some games on Secret Network so we can show that we can be interesting to gamers in the first place :wink:

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Nice to have you insights. They will be valuable experience to have within the Franchise.

Let me run it from the start with what I have in mind. Not much other activity on this topic so maybe if I lay out what I think this Franchise could be within the SN ecosystem it will get discussion flowing.

I would like at EVERY opportunity to use the Franchise to bring eyes towards SN. For instance there will inevitably be a need to name the franchise one day. This is an event that can be used to benefit network awareness. The entire formation of the Franchise is really just built in " sneaky" SCRT awareness campaigns.

Let me fast forward a bit…

We have a SCRT HQ gaming house. The SCRT Eteam is amazing , they win Championships.

We are not building games on SN we are developing digital athletes for the SCRT E-TEAM.

Talent is talent . I think the gamer playing field is level in that regard . We are offering up and comer gamers an opportunity to become sponsored and become Pro’s . Most will have this as their life goal. It won’t be hard getting candidates to try out .

Take every step small at first to gain max SN exposure. One of the initial campaigns for example would be to advertise in gamer channels if there is actually any interest in creating this Franchise.

Some good info to go over here.

Until now, esports franchising is yet to catch up with traditional franchising in terms of scale. The advantage which traditional sports have it that, take the U.S, most youths grew up supporting their local teams and hence have an innate patriotism to their local name. As the new generation, more aware of esports, comes to life, esports franchises will be able to take off further and expand in all aspects.