Secret Hackathon Proposal

Secret Hackathon

During several recent committee meetings, our community has intentionally discussed the opportunity for Secret Network to collectively organize a continuous hackathon with occasional “demo day” events. This project, called Secret Hackathon, started as a planning document based on the official Secret Network Awareness Campaign (SNAC) structure and process (view template here).

I hope you will review the above document, ask questions, and make comments on how to improve it. Everything about this plan is flexible, so I’m looking forward to the discussion.

Potential Community-Spend Proposal: ~50,000 SCRT

I’m bringing my perspective to the forum in order to help our community decide the best way to fund prizes and other necessary expenses. Although I understand SCRT volatility complicates the valuation of this proposal and the Secret Foundation treasury is growing, the governance committee decided that we should begin rewarding quality hackathon participation sooner rather than later.

That is why I’m creating this forum topic regarding a potential request for 50,000 SCRT from the community pool. After gathering more feedback, there might be an on-chain community-spend proposal. This would make it easier to set a budget for prizes immediately, and I believe it could make this project more of a group effort. Plus, I’m sure committees will play an important role in the overall experience :slightly_smiling_face:

Aside from deciding the amount, source, and purpose of funding, we have to figure out the best timing for the demo days. This might evolve into a full-fledged “Secret Summit" or whatever you want to call it.

Total Prizes: 50,000 SCRT

We also need to allocate funds to prizes with strategic goals. A few ideas are being considered. Please don’t hesitate to share any thoughts in this document:

The breakdown of prizes has not been decided. If the community supports this proposal, then we can discuss our strategic plan with a more specific budget. It will depend on the number of demo days in scope for this proposal. I suggest 2 or 3 big events in the next year.

Going Forward

The plan is to gather feedback on this off-chain proposal, then create a full hackathon structure and processes based on the strategies we discuss collectively. My intention is to support all kinds of contributors; however, the focus will be on rewarding secret contract developers and (eventually) secret app users! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to hack :sparkles:

Learn more about Secret Network Committees:


It’s a great idea to incentivize contribution - thanks @jlwaugh

We are actually coming up with a more in-depth document for SecretApplication ideas. Should be ready in the next week or two. My big feedback is that we need to improve developer on-boarding experience and documentation before we start the hackathon.

While we were building Discovery, we attended 2 hackathons - ETHBoston and ETHWaterloo. At ETHBoston, we had limited documentation and it was very hard for developers to get started with Secret Contracts. In ETHWaterloo we had improved documentation and we got much better submissions. I think we should time the start of the hackathon right.

Certain things I’d like to see before are:

  • Improved secret contract documentation and templates -> how do I take the auction contract and modify it to build something like voting
  • Sample integration documentation with GUIs / Keplr
  • Some online video tutorial like CodeWithUs to wrte, deploy and interact with secret contracts
  • We probably need to think about our reach? We want to maximize the number of ppl who hear about the hackathon - this is a process management things and it’s not an easy task. We probably want to have teams apply for specific ideas (either they have or ones we come up with)
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Hackathon is a great idea but we are not ready to do it well yet and allocating the funds for prizes for a full blown hackathon is premature. We need to get the developer docs improved significantly before we are ready for a full blown hackathon. I’d support a much smaller allocation specifically to get the documentation In a ready state to run a quality hackathon. Once that work has been done and proven to be ready, then we can put forward a proposal to allocate funds needed for a hackathon.

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