SCRT tax for international communities

Hey, before we completely restructure the Secret Foundation, I had an idea.

Interday Secret Network communities have expenses, I think that’s unquestionable, whether it’s travel, accommodation, etc.
Not to mention the unquestionable work of the people who are leading these communities, giving talks and increasing Secret Network adoption whether in local media ( YouTube etc ) or at live events.

Personally, I think that these activities should not go unnoticed, so I suggest in the future to create a DAO ( members will be representatives of the various international communities ) which would receive for the being 0.05% Community tax, similar to the Secret Foundation
This would currently mean approximately 1500 SCRT per month → 1125$

I guess you all understand that the goal is not to employ 10 or more people, the goal is to cover costs and possibly at least a little incentivize the hard work of the SCRT community, the amount should remain very low for now, if in the future the SCRT community will be satisfied with the work of this “organization” there is a possibility of increasing it :slight_smile:

Due to the level of funding, I recommend to involve a maximum of 5 communities.
Funds can be used for new concepts like community t-shirts or stickers ( SCRT stickers are really lacking a lot, among the cryptocurrency community it’s a really cheap and effective way to raise awareness of the project )

Personally, I would like to discuss this proposal and later include it as part of the Secret Foundation restructure.

I would be very happy for any ideas, insights or objections, I believe this can greatly benefit the Secret Network community in the long run.

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I think what you suggest is already done by the Secret Agency, see here: Secret Agency Executive Summary Q4 2022

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I haven’t found anything like that anywhere, can you tell me approximately where it is? :sweat_smile:

Anyway what I want is a regular income for the international communities and as much as possible a decentralized organization that has no leaders, the international communities should be equal.

I think there are people like Popeblack who do amazing his for their communities, but in Popeblack’s case it’s an already existing financial connection to Secret Network, the point is to bring other leaders at least some small and mostly regular funding.

Personally I think this can lead to a significant increase activity of existing communities and number of new international communities.

If this is an actual proposal and not a joke, then just wanted to say we will vote no with veto.

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I wouldn’t expect anything else from a guy whose project is blocking me on twitter :smiley:

Btw I’m definitely not going to do something the community wouldn’t like, rather I wanted to get feedback :slight_smile:

Instead of a perpetual tax you should consider asking for an amount that covers roughly a quarter of expenses. That’s the way community pool spends are done. I don’t think that the broad community wants to introduce another tax (in general, not related to you).

Hey @Jiricepelka, Secret Agency already supports multiple international communities like Secret Africa & all of the SCRT Telegram + Discord channels.

What you are suggesting would fall under our scope, so why don’t you book in a call with me & @Natalie_sht next week and see how we can incorporate your work into our international communities working group.

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My suggestion was not meant as a creation of a new tax, rather a diversification of the SCRT Foundation tax :sweat_smile:

Btw I definitely don’t plan to be the leader, what I propose would have no leader and be 100% transparent and decentralized :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, I see that the community doesn’t really agree with my proposal, so I’ll shelve it for now.

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Heyyy, thanks for the offer, I appreciate it, anyway, I certainly wasn’t suggesting this for my own sake, rather I wanted to help the whole community.

I’ll think about your suggestion, I don’t think my work deserves any significant appreciation yet, when I feel up to it I’ll let you know :slightly_smiling_face: