Delegation & undelegation

I am trying to figure out how I can undelegate SCRT and allocate them to a new delegate. When I use the Dapp SCRT Staking Tools I don’t see my delegated SCRT.

Moreover I have some available SCRT and I would like to allocate it to my current delegate. Issue : I don’t see who is my current delegate. Do you know how to see it?

I am using Math wallet.

Thanks for you help

Some precisions. I followed this tutorial: Secret Network MathWallet Tutorial - Secret Network
But I am not able to see my delegated SCRT into SCRT Staking Tools. I see them into the Mathwallet but nowhere else.

Problem solved. Seems SCRT Staking Tools have some latency. You need to intent to stake to trigger le log console and then show your data. More reactivity would be appreciated has it vehicule trust.

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I recommend using Keplr wallet.
Or use Cosmostation or Citadel wallets, as it has better UX for staking/delegating.

I also have a delegation problem. I have put around 3K of scrt coins in KEPLR and try to stake these to a validator node. I have had succes with around half of the coins, but am having diffuculty staking the rest of it. I already increased the GAS fee significantly and am choosing for the high fee, but it seems to keep ketting rejected with various validators…

Are you sure you have the available balance to delegate?
If you already delegated, and then undelegated their is a 21 day unboding rule, where your coins are locked.