Secret nodes for staking

Is there a place to find the percentage that is staked on each node?
I am trying to choose one to stake and am interested in that as well as any information about how each contribute to the network.

You can look at the validators here:

Thank you a lot. That’s just what I was trying to find.

Are there any risks to staking in the smallest ones?

Hi, the risks are:

  1. If the validator goes down for longer than ~18 hours, your SCRT bag gets slashed 0.01%.
  2. If the validator double-signs the block twice your SCRT bag gets slashed 5%.

Number 2 has never happened on secret network (unless I am not aware of some case).

It is generally recommended in our community to spread your bag between multiple validators and suppor the smaller ones for decentralization. As long as the smaller validators monitor their validator the risks/rewards are the same as staking with the larger ones :slight_smile: . Happy staking!

Thanks for the help. Do you have to pay a network fee to change nodes?

It’s just a simple transaction that costs a bit of gas, cents in $ value. Also to note, you can redelegate once every 21 days.

Does redelegation cost SCRT?

Yes, it is a tx on the blockchain