End of SCRTIsland Node - Please Redelegate

Hi all,

With some other nodes also entering end of life, I think this is a good time for SCRTIsland to also go offline. I will be shutting it down this week, so please re-delegate.

Secret is a great network of decentralized players and teams, so I will not recommend any one node - but can say I’ve always received help and support from Stake or Die, Secret Saturn, Whispernode and SecretSauce among others.

Thank you for your support, and confident Secret will keep bringing an important data privacy layer to blockchain and web3.

-SCRT Island


Support nodes beyond top 10 if decentralization is a factor.


For everyone who needs to redelegate, please consider some validator below the Top 10 (so not me :slight_smile:) such as:
Crypto Chemistry,
block pane
and ofc all other hard working validators as your new home for your SCRT.


Sorry to hear about it,
Wish you best of luck!

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