Recap: Enigma Open Community Call ~ January 2020

Enigma just live-streamed our 2nd Open Community Call, featuring the core team and members of the Collective. We discussed important updates and took questions from participants.


  • Our team released a testnet in December, and with support from the Collective, we’ve made significant progress toward network stabilization.
  • We gave updates on Salad integrations with MetaMask and MyEtherWallet, including screenshots of the user interface.
  • Enigma will have a strong presence at ETHDenver, including a technical presentation.
  • In collaboration with DAOstack, we’re planning to launch a “decentralized autonomous organization” called SecretDAO!
  • Recently, we introduced an exciting opportunity for the Collective to manage its own section of Enigma’s official blog.

For more information, here is a detailed summary and the full video. We’re looking forward to the next call in roughly two months. Let us know any feedback!