Old Bridge Deprecation Update

As most of you are aware, we’ve had a plan in place to shut down the old Secret bridge since April 2023, when we launched the new Secret Tunnel bridge. On December 19th, 2023, we disabled the old bridge from allowing any new tokens to be bridged into Secret, but users could still use it to bridge their tokens out. At this point, the old bridge interface is completely shut down. This means:

  1. The contracts have been disabled, and the bridge is offline.
  2. All funds are safe. Tokens that support migration can be redeemed at the new Secret Tunnel. These tokens are:
  • Ethereum: USDT, USDC, ETH, DAI, WBTC
  • BSC: BNB
  1. Tokens that are not supported in the Secret Tunnel are available via a manual claim process. Any unclaimed funds are kept in cold storage and can be claimed at any time.

  2. WSCRT migration to axlSCRT will be supported in the near future. If you have assets that do not support migration, please fill in a Redeem Requet here. Your requests will be processed in approximately 2-weeks period. Your funds will be kept in cold storage until you claim them. Contact us at bridge.claims@scrtlabs.com if have any questions.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or reach out to the Secret Network team on Discord or Telegram.Secret Tunnel, which is powered by Axelar, has been running smoothly for almost a year now. We will continue to improve it with additional token support and new features!

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