Secret Network IBC upgrade (Stargate)

The following post describes our plan for an upcoming IBC/Stargate upgrade of Secret Network. We’ll start off with a forum discussion (this post), followed by a signaling proposal on-chain. Assuming it passes, we (Enigma) plan to put significant resources towards developing this functionality. We’d love to get some community feedback beforehand, here on the forum, as well as our community Discord and Telegram channels. Please read through it, and let us know what you think, what we might be missing, and what we should change. This will be affecting all stakeholders in the network, and we don’t want to leave anyone behind. Other stakeholders, such as wallet and explorer providers, need to be aware that this IBC upgrade would require them to upgrade their software as well, and in a timely fashion.

Secret Network Stargate upgrade proposal

One of the most requested features in the last several months has been integrating Secret Network with the rest of the Cosmos ecosystem through IBC. The time has finally come to shift our focus to upgrading our network to the latest Cosmos-SDK version, and catch up on all the work that has been done upstream in the Cosmos ecosystem since we released our first mainnet in February of last year.

Our current mainnet is based on Cosmos-sdk v0.38, and in this upgrade we’ll be targeting v0.43. The v0.40 upgrade was a massive undertaking for the Cosmos Hub and other chains in the ecosystem, and while we lay out an ambitious timeline here, and we do expect to encounter various unexpected challenges along the way, we believe that together we can achieve it.

We’re still examining the path to upgrading the CosmWasm module. We’re currently on version 0.10, and while we’d like to upgrade to 1.0 (or v0.14), we’re examining the ways to be able to do this without breaking existing contracts. We will be including stability and performance fixes to the CosmWasm module, but at the current moment not upgrading to the next major version. Note: Contracts will still be compatible with IBC.

We see three milestones on our way to releasing the next version of Secret Network:

Milestone 1 - Essential Stargate Updates

As a first step, we will have to complete upgrading our codebase to cosmos-sdk v0.42+ (targeting 0.43 when released). This has been mostly completed by now, as we’ve worked on this on a couple of occasions this year. The following tasks remain:

  • Migrating the Foundation Tax module - This is the module responsible for distributing a portion of block rewards to the Secret Foundation. It works similarly to the community pool module, but is a separate module.
  • Migrating the Registration module - This is the module responsible for registering new nodes to the network (SGX attestation and key exchange)
  • Migrate and fix tests - We have a huge amount of tests in our codebase, constituting a large portion of the line count in the project. These will need to be updated to work with the new cosmos-sdk, and then we’ll have to fix any broken tests.
  • Update documentation and tooling - All official docs must be updated to reflect the new tools, and the tools themselves must be updated to work with the new interfaces.

After this milestone is done, we will be releasing a public testnet, allowing node runners & developers to be able to experiment with the new features and interfaces, and test new setups. We’re targeting the 1st of August for this milestone.

Milestone 2 - IBC Integration

Once we have updated our codebase to Stargate, we can start playing around with integrating the new IBC modules into our network. IBC will allow us to use SCRT in cross-chain Cosmos applications such as Osmosis and Gravity DEX, and provide our privacy features to the entire Cosmos ecosystem. This milestone will involve some changes to the code, and a LOT of integration testing. These are the main things that need to happen:

  • Integrate IBC core and token module - Integrate the IBC core module into our codebase, enabling connecting IBC channels to our network, followed by enabling transfer of assets from other chains to our network, and vice versa.
  • Set up relayers - Relayers are the IBC equivalents of bridge nodes. We will have to set up relayers between SN and other chains, make any needed modifications to accommodate our compute module, and document the process so other chains can bridge to us.
  • Minimal CosmWasm changes for IBC interoperability - We’d like to allow contracts to send messages across IBC channels and ports. We have to add this functionality to our current runtime without breaking existing contracts.

Milestone 3 - Additional Features

The two milestones above include features that we see as essential features of the Stargate/IBC upgrade. Once those are completed, we have several other tasks that we’d like to include in the nearest hard fork. Although not required, these are “nice to have” features that should enable many new use cases on our network, and simplify some of the workflows that require workarounds today.

  • Integrate x/upgrade, x/authz, and x/fee_grant modules - These three modules have recently been introduced to Cosmos, and should greatly simplify network upgrades, and workflows for companies that want to integrate Secret Network seamlessly in consumer-oriented applications
  • Interchain accounts - This is an IBC module which should allow accounts to interact with applications across IBC-connected networks. This includes calling Secret Contracts from other chains, and interacting with the rest of the Cosmos ecosystem from inside Secret Network
  • Additional CosmWasm features - As appropriate, and as possible, we want to backport some CosmWasm features to our runtime, without causing breakage to existing secret contracts. The Confio team has made some valuable improvements to programmer ergonomics, which we’d like our developer community to enjoy as well.
  • Outstanding minor improvements - There are several outstanding issues and PRs that are open in our repo. We’d like to take this opportunity to include them in the next hard fork.

We expect to complete these three milestones in the next two months, and we’ll be targeting 1st of September to launch the new mainnet. We’ll be releasing several testnets in the coming weeks, giving wallet providers, application developers, node runners, validators, and any other players on the network time to ensure they can migrate to the next network version.

Voting Yes on this proposal indicates agreement with this plan and the features described above.

Voting No on this proposal indicates disagreement with this plan and the features described above.

If this signalling proposal is rejected by the community, we’ll reevaluate our plans and try to lay out a different roadmap for this upgrade.

Thanks for reading all the way through, and thanks for voting! Onwards and upwards!


Hi @reuven & Enigma team,

We fully support all the points for upgrade highlighted by you in this post.

Looking forward to SecretNetwork Protocol on Cosmos/SDK v0.43 and very excited for its benefits including IBC :nerd_face:

Best Regards, Team


Finally IBC incoming!!

Looking forward to all the features incoming with all the Milestones.

We will support testnets nodes on a need to basis that are required for the successful implementation of IBC.

Also if Enigma requires more relayers and/or other infrastructure for a better testnet and mainnet integration feel free to reach out to us.

Secure Secrets family.


OMG this is huge! I was stoked about the xmr and Luna bridge but this is going to bring so many new investors and use cases to our network. I cant wait! Enigma rocks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Exciting news!

I’m looking forward to having pruning methods outside of archive nodes start being reliable and the x/fee_grant module.


This is HUGE news. Very excited for this! We will then be a big part of the Cosmos narrative. Fully support this proposal and we’re standing by to upgrade.


I am supportive of this.

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Great initiatives taking it to the next level. More power!!! :facepunch:

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Great news, most excited for the interchain accounts feature! It sounds like it would make it possible to participate in Terra Defi ecosystem from within Secret Network. That would be amazing.

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Sounds amazing! Looking forward to this! You got my vote :slight_smile:


I’m very excited about this!

Especially looking forward to the 3rd milestone - the additional features. It will open many new possibilities for our ecosystem!


Thanks for this great post, really looking forward to this upgrade. Quite surpised by the timeline (even though it’s an optimistic one), in a good way.

Milestone 3 has some really interesting components, might be worth considering pushing the date back a few weeks if that allows for inclusion.

3 Likes team fully supports this upgrade. That would be a great step towards interoperability.
As wallet providers, Platform is ready for the update, too.

Looking forward!


Epic news - vote yes from me.


wen governance proposal :crazy_face:

Huge News and great timing. Cosmos ecosystem right now is gathering huge following from its milestone acheivements. This will bring more assets connected with our Privacy hub. Also there a lot of potential collaborations.


Wanted to share an update with the community.

Enigma has been hard at work on this. Most of our dev resources are currently dedicated to this upgrade. We’re making excellent progress, but by now it is clear that Sep 1 was a too aggressive target (we intentionally like to challenge ourselves. We knew from day one this would be aggressive :slight_smile: ).

To give some more details about this: Stargate/IBC is a huge change. It’s not just about adding IBC (arguably that’s the easier part), but rather – Cosmos changed pretty much all interfaces. Since our network was one of the first Cosmos chains to mainnet + given all of our changes to make Secret Contracts happen, that means that we actually have more ground to cover compared to other chains.

Also, such a broad upgrade to the codebase requires A LOT of testing. We’ve just finished porting all tests into the new chain (and make sure they pass successfully), but that’s just step one. We still need to run closed and open testnets for a sufficient amount of time before we are comfortable launching in mainnet.

While I don’t have a concrete deadline in place yet, we expect the hard fork to occur in October. We’ll give live updates as we know more!


Hello mr guy it’s about time I found you mr CEO

HOLY! This will be huge :)) let’s get this going. IBC :revolving_hearts:


Supernova should be ready by Oct 31, and we’ll set the launch to Nov 1 (since that’s a Monday). We will post an updated governance proposal by the end of the week. It will give us:

  • IBC support
  • We’re working on liquidity with Osmosis/Gravity DEX
  • Ability to bring in ALL Cosmos/Terra assets into Secret Network and create SNIP-20s for them (i.e., sATOM, sLUNA, sUST, sOSMO, etc…)
  • 10x cheaper transactions
  • Faster and more efficient transactions

Other details:

As some may know, Cosmos have made some significant breaking changes due to a security concern they uncovered. This change requires us to deprecate a lot of existing APIs, which adds a lot of additional work to the IBC upgrade. This is also the likely reason Terra postponed their IBC upgrade (which was completed successfully last week). We also noticed that Terra limited their IBC upgrade to only include upgrading Cosmos SDK and adding the IBC module itself, without upgrading CosmWasm. We decided to take the same approach, since we realized (after talking to different stakeholders) that upgrading the contracts to support IBC would add very little in the short term. Specifically, upgrading to Stargate + IBC (w/o CosmWasm) would already give us all the benefits listed above.