Let me understand, ENG has been abandoned > 75% of token holders left with nothing?

I’m sorry I’m trying to come to grasp with this.

Fewer than 25% of ENG holders voted, and now all ENG is worthless? The deadline for the swap was extended from just Jan 1 to Jan 4, and major exchanges like Bittrex were not involved.

Do I have this correct?

Is this anything less than a power grab and manipulation of price by the network validators?

Is there NOTHING to be done with ENG now?

I find this appalling behavior, quite frankly. I miss the swap by days and there’s nothing to be done? There’s no ongoing swap, no REAL extension (4 days, give me a break), and major exchanges were not participating. At a MINIMUM I would expect a reliable blockchain network to allow ongoing swaps and mint new tokens, even if you reward early adapters with higher exchange rates.

But to just abandon a token because <25% of token holders voted to do so, and offer NOTHING after the fact?

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Hi. Sorry you missed the swap. Various parties in the community put a lot of time into making the swap possible and it was open for 6 months. It will not reopen and our network is a sovereign network where only scrt holders have a voice or vote, we have no legal or moral obligation to run another swap and doing so would put people at legal risk. The swap will never open again. Please explore your other options.