SCRT Swap failed, what now?

Hi guys!

I wanted to swap my ENG to SCRT yesterday, however it did not work and I still have my ENG.
What can I do now to to swap them to SCRT?

Thanks for your help, cheers!

It could be that by the time you attempted the swap that it had already closed.

Thanks for your reply!
It was a couple of hours before the deadline, so it should have worked.

Is there any way to swap in my case?

I would like to know this as well, been holding ENG for 3 years and its kind of a bummer realizing that the swap ended 2 days ago, i had no idea…

Isnt there any way to swap your tokens? It seems kind of unfair tbh

I am totally with you - I have been a supporter from the beginning and now we are screwed…

Is there anyone that can help?

Same here. Holding ENG for over 2 years. Just learned about the swap by chance today. There must be a way to swap them or get a compensation for people who just do not follow all the news. Please give us some advice.

Agreed! I am used from similar swaps for kind of a support/manual swap for people having issues or did not know about the deadline.
We need someone from ENG/SCRT team to look into this - thank you!

If you were ICO investors, you could fill a claim form to get your ICO money back.

If you missed the swap window which was 6 months long btw, then I hate to be frank but you probably have no chance of swapping. EnigmaMPC had nothing to do with the swap, it was a community initiative and passed through an onchain proposal.

You will have to convince the community somehow, pass another proposal and get another swap going, which seems again pretty much impossible at this time. This is just my opinion as a random community member of course.

Thank you mumuse. I bought ENG just after the ICO (for even a higher price) since I wasn’t lucky enough to get a slot in the ICO. However im my opinion this shouldn’t be relevant, since the original buyer got his money and I payed for the asset. Speaking of “assets”: if ENG is/was an asset, in my opinion there shouldn’t be a time window for the swap anyways and it shouldn’t have a expiry date. For example, you are able to swap Deutsche Mark (former Germain currency) for EURO even after 20 years and this will last forever. There are people like me, who are just not following the news about tokens, believing that they bought an asset and an asset is an asset. 6 months is nothing, if you are not in the “community”. It is just not fair to destroy the money people invested, just because they were not informed or even worst, didn’t have the chance to swap for whatever reason. There is certainly somebody who is profiting of this situation. To be honest, I don’t really know, what is the connection between EnigmaMPC and Secret. But if “the community” decided to swap tokens, there must be a reason. I also don’t know who is responsible here (also legal) and who is able to decide. I would propose something like this: Opening up the swap for certain window (or allowing a controlled swap only) another 2-3 times in the next years with decreasing rates (e.g. 1.25:1 (ENG/SCRT) in the first window) and excluding people who bought after the January 1st. I think trust is a major good here. If the Secret community doesn’t manage to gain trust with such important decisions, why should it expect people to trust the network.

PS: I am taking the time to write the not because I am not able to take a financial hit, but more because it feels very unfair and disappointing and I still like the project. I hope, that there will be a solution for this problem.


I can’t believe that this is happening. Bought ENG in 2017, HODLing it through all the shitstorms, and now the project and people who I supported during all those years pull so called “community” stunt on us.

Most projects I have backed have swap live for years after swap took place.

This is wrong on so many levels, and I hope you guys will come to your senses and open new unlimited swap window with 1:1 ratio.

If not I’ll gladly loose more money on suing you, because your stunt defies everything blockchain and crypto stand for. Shame on you


Actually you cant Sue anyone related to SCRT as its a decentralized community.

And the ENG to SCRT is an optional SWAP but recommended by the community as ENG is being discontinued by Enigma because of SEC.

If you are ICO backer you get refund, just go to SEC.

Also its not impossible to reopen swap, but you need to get a proposal passed in a decentralized community.

How about you just do what is right, instead of lame excuses for unfair business practice?

We will see what we can or cannot do.

Same. I bought ENG years ago, and I’ve just been made aware of and caught out by this. Was unaware ENG was due to “expire” a few days ago

same here, I have ENG since 2017 and yesterday I realised that there was a swap window which I missed.

I am glad to see that this topic is finding big support and people with the same issue.

It has been mentioned that the swap can be reopened. Could you please provide details how this can be done and will this be successful in your view?
I think we should really work together on this one and the SCRT Team should support as much as possible here. The communication policy has been very bad and a lot of people have been taken by surprise.
Otherwise we need a better way forward because keeping ENG is not an option given the collapse of the price in the last days.

**Just for my understanding, since mohamedpatla is referring to the “decentralized community”: So EnigmaMPC raised 45m in an ICO in 2017, got sued by the SEC for selling unregistered securities etc. and settled the charges by paying 500k and assuring to registrate ENG as securities ( | ICO Issuer Settles SEC Registration Charges, Agrees to Return Funds and Register Tokens As Securities). Given the fact that most original ICO buyers in the meanwhile sold ENG to other people (since the unregistered security has been traded on unregistered exchanges), there will be not much refunding obligations for EnigmaMPC. Now the same people decided to keep the rest of the ICO money, NOT register ENG as agreed with SEC and start another network called Secret Network (I remember some names from the Enigma project). Or am I wrong until here? Otherwise, if Secret is an independent project, why the ENG/SCRT swap anyways?! Ok so after increasing the total supply (ENG vs. SCRT) the “community” (whoever this is) decided to perform the 1:1 swap for freaking 6m. Of course, most who are not the “community” missed out or just were lucky. But however, this is good for the “community”. @community & secret agents: is this about right?


Secret Network is a sovereign chain not controlled by any singular entity. ENG is a centralized erc20 token controlled by enigma, the community enabled an optional eng to scrt burn for those who wanted to migrate over to a new network / new coin / with new distribution. None of this was required and the whole process was optional.


Of course, Secret is/was totally independent and is the saviour for all broken hearts by Enigma. And Guy Z., Tor & craw were not building Secret for 2.5 years with Enigma ICO money: Guys, this is a joke! It just doesn’t make much sense. Just open up the swap tool again and let the people on the train, wherever it goes. It is not right to just stop this and leave others behind. We all work hard for our money.


We just passed a proposal that disabled it and agreed as a network to remove the components. The swap will not reopen. I am sorry for the situation, but the swap carries too much downside with it. The ENG network and secret network are 2 different things and the secret network has made it’s decision in prop 27. As a network we do not support the further minting of scrt.

It seems like this proposal did not ask or include the right/enough people. The demand and need for a swap extension is high and therefore we need to work into a direction to make this happen.
All parties will benefit from an extension and given that the tool is already there, this should not be much effort to do.

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