Did not exchange Enigma for SCRT token..Is it too late?

I have Enigma token in my ledger since 2018. Is it too late to exchange those for SCRT?

Unfortunately the ENG/SCRT token burn is now closed, and will not be reopened. We understand that some ENG holders may have questions as to why the swap cannot be maintained indefinitely.

  1. The ENG swap was a community-run effort to enable a swap as long as reasonable to the community. Members of the community maintained the swap in their own time and at their own expense.
  2. The ENG swap was closed because it could no longer be reasonably supported by the Secret Community.
  3. The ENG swap will not reopen because it was already voted to be disabled and have the functionality removed from the chain. Such a governance decision on the Secret Network cannot be ignored or otherwise bypassed.
  4. Exchanges with large holdings were contacted by the community on several occasions to alert them to the swap. The only known exchanges who acted on the information and followed through with the swap were Binance, Hotbit, and Bitkub.
  5. The responsibility for any inaction by an exchange or individual to swap within the 6 month timeframe of the swap lies solely with the exchange or the individual in question.
  6. Current known options for ENG holders are selling on Bittrex or Uniswap.

Hi @moonstash, thank you for providing this detail.
However for someone who has missed the swap and currently hold 7604 ENG I feel absolutely sick and gutted that I return to crypto only to find out that I have lost my investment.
I have read a lot over the last day and it doesn’t seem to be any resolution to help the so called ‘ENG bagholders’.
I understand that a process was followed but I feel that those of us who bought ENG way back and held on, feel very betrayed and robbed.