Is there anywhere iI can still swap ENG?

Hi - sorry - am late to ask this obviously. Is there any way to still swap ENG for Secret … or does anyone know where I can still trade ENG. i had some issues accessing them until today.

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thanks. so is it possible to reopen it? could there be a vote for another week extension?


The swap will not be extended.

Hello. Extend the swap, not everyone was equally informed about replacing eng with scrt. Eng coins were bought for money, why make people lose them? Please extend the exchange, it is in your power to prevent people from losing their money.


The swap will not reopen.

Sorry man, but the swap has been known about for like, 6+ months?

Exchanges like Binance even took part in the swapping process, sometime around in September for Binance specifically.

Even websites like reddit had information on it.

I’m not sure how you could buy into a token like ENG and not keep track of the news for your project =/

I have had my tokens since the ICO - didn’t hear any information about a token swap, 10k of ENG down the drain I guess?


Hi all. I am gonna go ahead and close this thread. I see that people mostly have the same question which has been answered. The swap is over.