Q's on the Enigma -> SCRT Token Swap?

Anyone up to speed please tell me what’s going on:

A) What happens to unswapped ERC20 ENG tokens?

There are no active markets for SCRT:

B) Why would I swap ENG for SCRT, if I can’t even sell it?

C) Are any exchanges participating in the swap?

D) Is the SCRT on the mainnet?

E) Are there deadlines for this swap?

Some in the know, please clarify what is going on with this swap.


Hey @Emily Welcome to the forums.

A) Your ENG tokens will be worthless.

B) We are not listed for now. There are active communication with Exchanges, but the process is slow. Why is there a silence about exchange?

C) No exchanges for now, but Binance is a participant in the Testnet.

D) Yes SCRT is Mainnet. SCRT is a coin on the Secret Network.

E) Yes SWAP is open until End of Year.

Hope it helps.

If you are looking for swap material :
Check out Youtube Tutorials

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