Is it already released and can handle real money?

I’ve tried digging around and all I could find are blog posts and articles in media, but couldn’t find any actual products.

  • does Enigma mainnet exist? does it handle real transactions? does it have a wallet?
  • are there any deployed contracts with real activity? I’ve seen a few mentions of Salad and other services, but looks like everything is only on paper at the moment

Hi @SecretMan, thanks for your questions! Our community of validators launched the Enigma mainnet in February of this year using Cosmos SDK and Tendermint. Recently, that blockchain was renamed to “Secret Network” via on-chain proposal. We’re still in the process of testing secret contract functionality. Below are some links you may find helpful.

Learn more:



Infrastructure and Tooling

The Cosmos SDK is evolving rapidly, and it has tremendous potential to drive adoption by enabling a network of scalable, interoperable blockchains, including Secret Hub. Our team is exploring ways to contribute useful resources for developers building secret apps. We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration with CosmWasm and experimenting with IBC. Plus, we have communicated with other wallets about integration. Stay tuned for updates!

Enigma’s dev team is currently focused on testing secret contract functionality and getting ready to make an upgrade proposal to add the compute module to Secret Network. Now that milestone 3 of 3 is complete, we’re looking forward to improving our documentation and overall developer experience. We will soon have a catalog of secret contract examples and a quick start script for devs.

Please let us know any more feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:

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So basically production version is just a forked default Tendermint chain with transparent transactions and nothing related to privacy has been released yet? Looks like exchange listings, wallet support, and pumping price with blog posts have higher priority for the team than actual privacy functionality. Sad :frowning: