iPhone app development

Are there any plans for an iOS app? I can’t find anything about it on the website or on Reddit so I thought I could find out here.

An ios app for what?

Once the Unity SDK is done there will be an iOS app release on the gaming side. Current trajectory is 3 months for a current grant and then possibly one after that to include the tooling but I have opened a proposal to fast track it a little more and get it out before November and in time for Christmas.

Once we finish laying all out in Github I can take it to the ENG team and they can give feedback and address any limitations in the plan.

Someone may also come along and offer to do it their way but for now I don’t see it happening unless it is a native project with iOS support. In this case, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a sNFT game go beyond WebGL but I’m not sure if anyone is willing to do that work.

An app for providing liquidity and earning as well as the dex portion for swaps. Similar to the incognito network app I suppose, with a way to earn and trade coins.

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Keplr is working on a mobile version for their app, and I believe SecretNodes is also working on a Secret Network wallet app (including mobile).

There currently is a mobile wallet by Citadel.one, but that doesn’t integrate with the swap. You can however hold and transfer SCRT and SNIP-20s. Including staking for SCRT.

This has been on our radar, but not a priority because:

  1. We aren’t sure other DeFi apps are often used (as opposed to viewed) through mobile. If there’s any data supporting the opposite we’d love to see.

  2. No great wallet integrations for Secret on mobile yet. I believe this is changing (Citadel, Keplr…)

Would love to get more feedback on this, we’re definitely considering this.

Apple didn’t respect privacy - It’s against scrt module

What do you mean exactly?

in general Apple didn’t support Dapps and web3 tech for now, beside that, you must read about latest report about security and privacy. I highly recommend to follow techlore.tech and watch the last report regarding privacy.
CSAM is Apple’s Newest Attack on Privacy

But there is no apple stance preventing people from building ios apps that use the secret network.

The tech innovations are wild, there’s always a dev whom are like to build and create in IOS or any other platform

KinFit is a good case study of a dev team that was able to communicate directly with Apple during this process and provide feedback. I can confirm privacy and other issues. I think NFT’s are more likely to be approved than passing value in the form of money from one app to another. I would offer that if the client app uses and spends within their own app your app is generally viewed by the app store as approved. I assume a third party marketplace would be needed, as opposed to trying to connects individual user apps and allow payment or transfer of goods. That’s just what I can tell you from experience without reading through the old privacy statements, letters from the app store or conversations with other developers.

Personally, I would see no problem publishing to Apple and you should be able to cover most concerns without professional publisher.