Grant proposal: Integration of Secret Network into AirGap Vault, Wallet and airgap-coin-lib

Hey Secret community!

We submitted a grant proposal to integrate Secret Network into the AirGap solution. AirGap is a free-to-use self custody and solution which includes an air-gapped signer on an spare and offline smartphone, which is an excellent alternative to hardware wallets.

Our proposal includes staking functionality and secret token management. Here’s the proposal:

I’d be curious to hear what you think about!
Best regards!

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what could you potentially strip from the proposal to make it smaller, to say a smaller sum of like 10-15k?

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Hey, thanks for commenting.

In the roadmap section of the grant proposal, we are listing the estimated workloads per integration part. So for the integration of Snip-20 we estimate 30% of the workload. If we skip that, that would reduce the grant size by 30% as well (but it would be a pity not to do it). And skipping staking functionality would reduce it by another 10% (but that would make no sense IMHO).

So realistically, only cutting out the Snip-20 integration would reduce the requested grant size to around 35k.

Keep in mind that this grant request does not only cover a base integration, it also offers staking and Snip-20 functionality AND it would also cover the integration into open-source tooling.

And even more important, the grant also covers continuous maintenence, which means that we will do fixes, protocoll induced changes and community support for the next years to come. This includes unit tests and manual testing for EVERY update of the respective Apps.