Integrate Secret wallet for mobile

I was trying to connect with a wallet for my mobile application (developed on react-native) on secret network.

I tried to do the same things (using secretjs package which is working fine) what I have done for web application, but it is not working for mobile app.

How can I connect to any wallet ( i.e connect to network) for mobile app?

Hi @arefin97,
we all expect the new StarShell wallet to enable this Secret support on Android & iOS, for native mobile apps, web browsers & PWA. The beta release is planned on July, then we’ll be able to deal with its integration.
Keplr mobile is supporting Secret and seems not motivated to do so.
Another option might be the mobile wallet with support for Secret, but it is not released yet.
I recommend you to get in touch with the StarShell team on their discord.

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As Jabba mentioned, we are very close to StarShell’s release, which is very exciting for SCRT network users who have been left with no mobile support for so long. Keplr’s mobile feels extremely janky and not well optimized for the mobile experience at all. StarShell is on a whole different level when it comes to UI/UX as well as features. Checkout their site and join their discord to play around with the testnet UI:

Leap Wallet is also integrating Secret into its upcoming Cosmos Wallet, with plans for a mobile app.

Something this prop would make it easier for devs to provide mobile support / integration w/ Secret as well: Secret Network Anywhere / Secret .NET 6 SDK · Issue #61 · scrtlabs/Grants · GitHub

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Thanks @martyvb2 for your reply.
If I understand you correctly, is it something like this: after StarShell release we will be provided various APIs (i.e for key pair creation, balance checking, client creation etc) to interact with secret network from our own developed mobile application?

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Thanks @Jabba for your reply.
This is a huge valuable information for me.

The project which could potentially provide the APIs is just a grant request as of right now. StarShell is not related and has a clearly defined road map. While I agree that the grant request would provide a ton of value for devs, I cannot say for sure whether it will receive funding or not. Sorry if I was a bit confusing at first :slight_smile:

It’s okay @martyvb2.
Your informative reply was a lot to me.

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@Codemonkey Yeah, Thank you so much. Definitely I will check this out.
But I have another query - if your SDK is usable from react-native application?

@arefin97 No, my Secret NET is for .NET and here mostly for native mobile Apps build with .NET MAUI.
For an react-native application secretjs should work.

@floAr maybe this is interesting for you, since you are working with Unity and also worked on something similar.

GitHub => 0xxCodemonkey/SecretNET