Insufficient balance to create viewing token sETH

Hi All,

This is my very first bridge. I brought in ETH into Kepler and bridged to sETH. Now, I’d like to swap. My Keplr Secret wallet doesn’t reflect any balance. I’ve tried refreshing, Ive tried reinstalling Keplr. I’ve tried manually creating a Viewing Token but it rejects it. I’ve tried View Balance on the Swap page and it wants to create a token but it is asking for GAS. I don’t have anything but sETH, more than enough actually so, not sure what the network wants. I would give SCRT but I don’t have any. So not sure what to do here. Do I need to buy another token to create a viewing token?


Gas is paid with SCRT (same way you pay txs on Ethereum with ETH and not ERC20s). Viewing keys are needed to see your balances.

Thank you. Let me find out how to buy this!