I didn't receive seth , help me please!

I put eth into scret bridge,but didn’t recevie seth, why? who can help me ?

my keprl wallet address: secret1gvyspma58rnr99uv4qvh2vhqqs7w4pfsq0ncdu

Tx AAB8CA040E7969EFDB007691C65E4059059D5AAB768EB606D176F40995FBA1AB

Did you generate a viewing key to see your secret eth?

Hi mumuse,

I didn’t receive my ETH either, transaction failed. What do I do ?

Sorry I’m not very knowledgeable on bridge issues, you should probably go on Discord. But first question would be to check where your transaction failed (ETH side or SCRT side). If your ETH tx didn’t even go through, did you have enough gas for example?