Idea: ‘Think Tank’ Community Discord Channel

Hey guys, I wanted to pass along an idea I had to gauge everyone’s thoughts;

I was thinking that setting up a community channel (tentatively named ‘Think Tank’) that people can essentially dump their ideas in, for other community members to react to. Nothing big or resource intensive, but basically other community members can react to people’s ideas to indicate interest in assisting the OP in iterating and mapping out their idea a bit further before bringing it to the committee channels/forums where it’ll be more exposed to the devs and team leads.

I just think as we scale up having a way to filter ideas without suppressing creativity would be easy to implement. It may help people feel less pressure to share as well - I know that to a lesser extent this is something you can already use these channels for, but I personally don’t really want to put down ideas if I haven’t done some fleshing out, but would love to have people help me iterate and ideate so that we can curate a more refined concept to bring forward.

Additionally, providing/laying out an easy-to-implement and understand formula to both develop and present your ideas, whilst providing useful resources to pages such as the Secret dApp Ideas page (or whatever its called) could give people an avenue to do additional research without overwhelming them.

Essentially the driving concept behind this idea is to provide multiple pathways for new agents to get involved based on their personal style. Flexible ideation channels, the recently revamped measurable mission program, etc.

Curious as to anyone’s thoughts? If this is a bad take apologies, I just thought the idea was too long to contain to the discord governance channel.
Also if you guys like the idea feel free to run with it or just contact me/@ me on discord (Drakinora)


We have chatted about similar ideas briefly in the committee-leads chat. I’m supportive of it. I’d like to see the #find-a-team channel that’s nested under Development expanded to the whole community, where people can share ideas for projects they’d like to work and connect with other interested individuals to help bring their ideas to life.

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That does sound like a good idea - taking a step back, I think a main goal to explore is the potential of streamlining community project ideas and innovation through select channels in an easily identifiable accessible way, so that people don’t feel overwhelmed by their perception of the task ahead. By giving people actionable pathways to develop their ideas without limiting their creativity or requiring excessive resources from the main dev/committee teams (time being the key expenditure), it should hopefully drop the perceived knowledge barrier and provide opportunities for collaborative learning.

Potentially could create pathways to mentoring opportunities within scenarios where a member of a team is lacking certain types of knowledge that they require to develop their product.

Does this makes sense/sound interesting to you?