Get Connected with Design Opportunities in Secret Network!

The :fountain_pen: Design Committee is exploring a new method for connecting designers in the network with design opportunities.

If you’re interested in contributing to design for Secret Network, we encourage you to create a :file_folder: Community Member folder for yourself.

Think of your community member folder as your personal space to showcase your design work to others in the network. Kind of like a design portfolio, but less formal.

Depending on your design skills and background, you might include:

:page_facing_up: Examples of your past work as a designer (i.e. Illustrations, UI designs, UX case studies, audio or video example, etc.)

:link: Links to portfolios or projects you’ve been apart of

:art: Artistic or other creative explorations you’ve done for Secret Network

Learn more about Community Member Folders

The goal is for others the community to more readily understand what you can contribute to the network – and, subsequently, reach out to you when they have a design task or project that fits your skills and experience.

We see this as an improvement over the former bounty system. In that system, the burden was placed on designer to raise their hands for opportunities, which required designers to be in meetings or monitoring the discord regularly to know when those became available. Additionally, when designers did raise their hand for opportunities, there was always some uncertainty around what the quality of the deliverable would be.

With this new system, we can more readily connect designers with opportunities, regardless of if they are in committee calls when tasks and projects are announced – and have more confidence in the quality of the design deliverable.

To help incentivize Community Member folder creation, we will be doing :ballot_box: three drawings for 10 SCRT each

To enter, simply create a Community member folder for yourself.
Learn more about creating a Community Member folder

The drawings will be held in the :fountain_pen: Design Committee Call on :calendar:Tuesday, November 2 at 5PM UTC

Winners will be contacted shortly after for prize distribution. If a winner does not collect their prize within a week, a new drawing will be held in the following Design Committee meeting.

I appreciate any constructive thoughts and feedback as we continue to identify ways to engage designers to help improve the network within the context of design.

All the Best,

John B | pajamas#9897
Design Committee Lead

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Speaking to your comment on seeking thoughts and feedback in terms of helping identify ways to engage designers (I am aware that this specific program has already been rolled out and the drawings have occurred);

Is there potential for iterative development where you have a project lead that then shares initial design concepts and mood boards etc (like the currently open opportunity in the google sheets where the mood board is available). That or they share the purpose, and then give some examples or indicators of what they had in mind when coming up with the idea, if there is a frame of reference available. This hopefully would also help take some of the immediacy out of it - tentative ideas could be proposed earlier, to give people time to see and respond to the opportunity. Additionally these boards or concepts don’t need to be project specific - maybe they’re proposed with future developments in mind, or exist purely to expand upon the existing secret brand - I’m honestly not sure. (Maybe unused ideas can be batch minted into nfts with simpler computations as they would only serve as a confirmed record of completed work? this is 10000% a stretch)

Following this, people can choose themes from the mood board or whatever that they want to use as the base for their concept, and then add themselves to a pool of ‘looking for collaborators’ within one of Secret Network’s platforms, through which people can create small teams to help develop their ideas, or have larger thematic calls to bring extra perspectives to eachothers ideas, etc.

The project lead can then field these proposals or prototypes (maybe prototype guidelines are drawn up?) that are really simple and don’t take much time to draw up, but can communicate the designers ideas and commitment to the lead, who then can see if their visions align. Furthermore, these prototypes could add to people’s community folders helping them build out their portfolios, but also will help provide exposure to individuals within these teams, even if they don’t turn out to be the best fit for the specific project.

Overall, what I’m thinking about is appealing to the consumer experience (to the designers) - as the designer, if you’re creatively oriented, what aspects of design do you prioritise? Possibly free flowing thought, minimal constraints but also a defined goal that you’re working towards. However the process should be entirely up to the designer, working in collaboration with the project lead. At the same time, feeling as if you’re competing with other people that might have more experience than you, with no guarantee of reward or at least if it’s performance based reward, can be a sizeable barrier for some. If there’s a cheap cost-efficient or even costless way to incentivise involvement, that might help as well. I also saw someone recently mention that the hackathons in this space are becoming increasingly pitches of already developed products that don’t have a platform yet - I personally think this is a direct representation of my concerns regarding a slowly rising barrier to entry.

Concerns I assume usually would fall under what crypto as a whole tries to solve - trust. If this can be addressed without the process becoming selective/biased towards already established individuals, maybe this could help with the onboarding process?

Not sure if this is something you are even still looking for input on, so apologies about the long post, just came across this and wanted to share my thoughts.