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Thinking of having a place to filter down all the discussions on any topic in secret network. The secret telegram chat had 3000 new replies since checking it a few days ago. Nobody can keep up with that. We need to scale.

This channel is small now. If we want millions of users interacting with each other, this is not the way.

This was discussed btw. @pmuecke and me in the discord governance channel. Discord link here.

The problems:
The way governance works today is through a weekly meeting and discord chats. Those than get filtered down into a proposal which then is put to a vote. There is no real way of assessing if the approval will make quorum, even if most people would agree to it.
Also, any new user would need to get an account on discord, get onto the scrt channel, find the governance committee and try to find the discussions there. For anybody already inside the community, all the discussions are obvious, but when somebody comes from outside, it’s difficult to assess what is important and where to find info.
With hundreds of users this may work, but millions can’t possibly share ideas during a one hour meeting. We need to be open and hear every idea, good or bad. We don’t have to act on them, of course.
There is more to be said here, but let’s keep it short for now. Also, feel free to correct me, I’m new here, but that’s exactly why it is possible to see these issues.

The solution:
A webpage/social media platform on plain web2.0, that engages the community. Thinking of reddit, here. On reddit, every post has an upvote/downvote button. Most upvoted posts filter upwards, downvotes make them go down.
Basically, we need to re-create a reddit for scrt. We can call it scrit for now. It should be easy, there are open-source variants floating about.
We’ll probably allow only scrt stakers to create and up/downvote posts. This will take care of some of the spam, but moderators are a must, I would think.
Ideas at the top will be most likely to be accepted and voted in. Also, it can and should have a controversial tab – list posts by most upvoted/downvoted ratio, so that users can quickly see the counterarguments for any idea.
The exact mechanics of course need to be thought out.
This webpage can then easily shared at the voting page in Keplr. All a user needs to do is click, open scrit, and he can see the history of how and why this particular proposal has been introduced, and see the pros and cons easily.
Then he can submit an informed vote. (edited)

These are my initial arguments in favor of the idea. @pmuecke had some great input helping me to improve on the original.

@Drakinora also has some additional uses for this platform. The design team, validators, new L2s could all benefit from it.

Of course, funding needs to be discussed. There are costs involved, but it could also potentially be self-sustained. I’m thinking tips/awards, etc. Reddit could serve as inspiration on this.

So, what do you think of this idea? How could your community use this platform? How could this streamline your workflow and save your time?

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Wouldn’t it be way easier to set up an invite-only (“Private”) community on Reddit? They allow you to set up your own design for your subreddit, set mods, bots for additional functionality, roles, flairs, etc. That sounds way more feasible to me, instead of managing our own social network (that people also have to sign up to independently. This forum is “bad” enough in that sense)

You could just as well just use this forum, but that will dilute the discussion here


Maybe. Possibly. We can use that as a test, and then move if we need to.
On the other hand, our own social hub could give us the possibility to connect in with a keplr wallet.

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I agree with the comment made by Reuven

Like we discussed in Discord your idea is to reduce friction, setting up another platform with an extra account wont help. I dont know if a subreddit would do a lot more than just this forum? It would also very hard to really transfer discussions, people will talk wherever they want to. At most we can redirect people but the admin team cant ban people from talking about governance in TG and discord and frankly wouldn’t want to.

people need to have a place to discuss with a higher message velocity and lower barrier so they can collect their thoughts and post on the forums/reddit later.


Well, the idea is not just one subreddit. It’s all the subreddits, with all the benefits of reddit: Front page with all the news, sorting by new/hot/controversial, giving or taking away karma points, up/downvote, filtering, etc. etc. There is a reason reddit is wildly popular still. Forums, not so much.

A possible way to go about this could be a forum - TG/discord bridge. by using this moderators could add valuable TG/Discord discussion directly to the Forum post of the respective proposal to archive some of the discussion.

In the end i think only a small portion of people is really interested in Governance (of which most are validators or core contributors) and they always try to attend the governance meetings, read the notes or read about the proposal on the forums (which is always linked to in the Keplr proposal).

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yeah, but also maintaining (let alone developing) something like reddit is extremely difficult. There are probably open source projects you could build off of (e.g. Lemmy, from a quick google search) but still, I doubt it’s the right approach


We are using resources to monitor all the channels: discord, telegram, forum. Concentrate these on the new site, have moderators and helpdesk monitor that. Pinned messages and secret agents on TG/Discord/forum can redirect users to scrit. Monitor one instead of all, should take less effort.

I don’t mean to be cheeky, but this kind of thinking is a common pitfall, especially when the current platforms are already very popular in general :sweat_smile:

I’ll stop commenting now - I may be wrong if other people do like the idea, and I don’t really have anything else to add to this discussion.

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@reuven Great post. So, how do we avoid this from happening?

We need to think decentralized. We need to think millions of people. We need to think thousands of ideas/problems/solutions per minute. Are we able to handle that with what we have? The solution we have is centralized. We will be overworking/hiring people left and right to put out fires. Turning back and solving problems that already had solutions one by one, instead of having a system in place. I’m talking systems.

Talk continues on discord too. Link here.

Let’s keep the talk here. I linked the discord so that we keep track of what has been discussed, but it’s better to stay in one place - here.

Isnt Reddit just a forum like this? I think we risk fracturing the community imo.

The community IS fractured. Trying to concentrate it in a decentralized way is the main focus of this post.

I just disagree with the premise that you cant get the information you want on SCRT. Probably the best place for condensed info is Secret Podcast by Eric/Paul. Theres always going to be trade off on information. More people on a platform probably means lower quality info because you’re listening to the masses. You kind of have to search out who gives out valuable information and follow them/interact/engage where they are. It’s impossible to spoon feed info to everyone. Just look at the real world. It just matters where you get your news.

I didn’t say you can’t get it. But can you get it fast and accurately? Who said what, and where, and why?

Listening through hours of podcasts filtered through the opinions of a host, to find out why the latest proposal has been submitted, what it really means and how it came to be, is just not my definition of fast and accurate.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the podcast, and I really appreciate the work they’re doing.

Not sure why would invest resources into developing something on Web2.0 that already exists on Web2.0?

Secret Network is uniquely positioned to support the building of a social media platform on Web3.0 due to the privacy features that can be integrated.

If we throw resources at something like this, I would throw it at building a web3.0 platform that we as the Secret Network could use and can function as the first decentralized ‘Reddit’.

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Completely agree. We just have to start somewhere. Chatting to people here made me realize this is inevitable. This new reddit has to end up decentralized.

Edit: Just reading about secretDAO. I wonder if they are already supplying what I think we need. If they do, we won’t have to throw resources at all, we just have to start using it. My goal is not to waste resources, it is to inform users more effectively.