Designated Secrettipbot Development Proposal

Proposal Introduction:

SG-1 proposes a community spend of 18500 SCRT to build the official Secret Tip-bot @secrettipbot app for Twitter and Telegram.
The application will be developed from scratch and linked to Twitter and Telegram and provide the ability for anyone to send SCRT tip transactions directly to any Twitter or Telegram handle via public tweets or in group chats.
A designated Secret Network node will process all transactions and ensure maximum uptime.

About SG-1

SG-1 is a network validator on Secret, Cosmos, Kava, Akash and Kichain. Run by Tobias Schwarz (Tosch) and Hubertus von Heyden (Immasssi) out of Berlin, Germany.
SG-1 has already successfully completed development for the official @Cosmostipbot and @Iristipbot (collaborative effort with Tendermint) which are automated tip applications for social media.
The @cosmostipbot currently has 1700+ active users and is processing up to 3000 transactions per month in its early days of adoption.

:star: Official Web:
:star: Official Twitter:
:star: Official Telegram:

Proposal Description:

In order increase SCRT usage on social networks a designated Secret tip application @secrettipbot will be developed and provide a tool available to the community that allows for convenient, instant, transparent sending and receiving of SCRT directly via public tweets or in group chats. Tip transactions are always verifiable through the Secret Blockchain Explorer. Individual user accounts are directly linked to a users Twitter or Telegram ID.
Anyone may receive a tip, regardless of prior account creation. Advanced features will also be implemented which will allow for tip batching. This brings a convenience factor for users that want to tip many people/addresses at one time.
The Secrettipbot will have its own Twitter and Telegram account that runs the app, and can be interacted with by simply sending a direct message to the @secrettipbot account**
Additionaly @secrettipbot will be listed on among the Cosmostipbot and Iristipbot. The website provides an easy to understand overview, guides and direct links to start initiating the tipping process.

**Basic tipbot wallet interactions:

Once a users sends a direct message to the @cosmostipbot with command !help a menu will pop up which allows for various commands to simply interact with a personal tipbot account. These include the following:

!help: The tip bot will respond to your DM with a list of commands and their functions. If you forget something, use this to get a hint of how to do it!
!register: Registers your user ID for an account that is tied to it. This is used to store your tips. Make sure to withdraw to a private wallet, as the tip bot is not meant to be a long term storage device for SCRT.
!balance: This returns the balance of the account linked with your user ID.
!account: Returns the account number that is tied to your user ID (currently unique to platform). You can use this to deposit more SCRT to tip from your personal wallet.
!withdraw: Proper usage is !withdraw secret_xxxxxx. This will send the full balance of your tip account to the provided Cosmos account.
Optional: You can include an amount to withdraw by sending !withdraw . Example: !withdraw 1 secret_xxxxxxxxx would withdraw 1 SCRT to account secret_xxxxx.
!donate: Proper usage is !donate 1234. This will send the requested donation to the Cosmos Tip Bot donation account to help fund development efforts.
!setlanguage: Used to change the default language of the bot. A list of available languages is provided in the !languages command. Proper use is “!setlanguage german” to change your language to German.
!languages: Returns a list of languages available for translation

Development & launch:

The @secrettipbot will be developed over a 3 week period after this proposal passes. After the app is completed and tested for bugs it will be launched and accompanied by a marketing campaign to increase initial exposure on Twitter and Telegram

Secrettipbot maintenance:

SG-1 will run a designated node for the @secrettipbot to ensure maximum efficiency at all times. Just like the Cosmostipbot and Iristipbot, the server and regular maintenance cost is covered by a 5% flat fee which is automatically deducted from each tip.
Once the user base grows, the flat maintenance fee will be reduced.
The @secrettipbot will not be open-sourced to preserve the unique competitive advantage of the application.

SG-1 plans to run & service the @secrettipbot for many years to come and is excited to contribute to SCRT adoption on social networks


Great suggestion by Guy on Telegram to actually also enable Secretscrt. This would add a lot of complexity in the first iteration of the app but we can add these advanced capabilities once the basic tip app is up and running and being used heavily by the Secret Community and beyond.


Not comfortable with a $10,200US spend on a toy


The application unlocks SCRT exposure to 340 million active Twitter users and 200 Million Telegram users.

Here are some of the direct benefits to SCRT and the Secret Network:

:white_check_mark:Twitter and Telegram native app
:white_check_mark:Convenient, transparent, instant & easiest way to send & receive SCRT
:white_check_mark:Massive increase in exposure. New users do not need to interact with the app to receive their first SCRT tip.
:white_check_mark:Increase in network use due to the fact that all tx are confirmed by Secret Network validators
:white_check_mark:Every user already has a secret wallet because they own a Twitter ID. Meaning there is no need to create a wallet or write down a private key. This is what instant adoption & onboarding looks like
:white_check_mark:Batch tips. Meaning one user may distribute SCRT to multiple unique recipients with one tip tx. This provides not only exposure but very large reach with minimal effort

What drives value to a blockchain ecosystem is to increase real world adoption of the network and the underlying asset, and not to rely only on speculation. This is what the Secrettipbot application enables.


So what percentage of the 540 million of the active users do you say the network will receive for our $10k plus investment.
Seems your response is based on a number you have in your head so if you could share that would be most helpful information.
Agreed that SCRT is a unique product with a limited pool so please just want to know more about what this will do against may do


Our primary goal with this proposal is to develop the tool to enable the previously mentioned capabilities. The next step is for the existing secret community to utilize it and increase the network effect. As mentioned in the proposal itself our experience with the Cosmostipbot development is that the speed of adoption obviously can vary but it is currently processing up to 3000 transactions per month and has 1700+ active users with only a few months of operation. So this number will scale organically as the network matures. What you are getting with the completed app development is a functional application. We obviously want the ecosystem to succeed so marketing the app is in everyone’s best interest but it is not a primary value proposition of this proposal.
So what is included in the offer is the development, hosting, maintenance (for many years) and help to kickstart the app & brand to be utilized by the ecosystem & beyond.

Hope this answers your question.

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Thanks for bringing this proposal forward. I think it’s the kind of thing that will help a lot with awareness and getting scrt into more hands, and I think some underestimate how useful it will be long term but many are connecting the dots.

Suggestion: Since a tipbot was something @Brendan from the awareness committee wanted to see and use, I’d suggest you join an awareness committee call to chat with the committee about it at least once. They are on Mondays at 5pm UTC in the discord meeting voice channel. ->


Acknowledge your pitch though what got me interested in Enigma years ago was that data is now the most profitable resource in the world today. Protection of personal & corporate data is SCRT’s big advantage . So to again spend $10k on a tool where the platform is designed to give away your information like twitter, seems like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted.
Take your point about exposure but I am still not sure this is the market a privacy platform like SCRT should be spending money on.
We for the moment, still live in a world that is mostly democratic so will live with the majority decision

hey, maybe lets not spend 10k on a proposal with such bad quality control that they couldn’t even find and replace all their uses of cosmos with secret from their copy-paste:
"**Basic tipbot wallet interactions:

Once a users sends a direct message to the @cosmostipbot with command !help a menu will pop up which allows for various commands to simply interact with a personal tipbot account. These include the following:

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Aside from typos what is your criticism Leor? How do you think this will negatively impact the network in any way/shape/form?

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Spending this much money on a low-quality control project, where the project also looks like it had its description copy-pasted, suggests the code will be low quality/copypasted

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Also, is this code going to be open-sourced?

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since if not it’s trivial to skim money off the top

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Thanks @Immasssi for this proposal. I have hoped to see a tipbot getting implemented for a long time, so I’m more than personally aligned and would want to see this get built.

After discussing with the Enigma team, we do have some reservations – at least with the way the proposal is currently presented. Clearly, we are only expressing our own opinions and this is not meant to influence anyone else’s decisions.

Specifically, we are planning to vote no on the current proposal for the following reasons:

  • The process laid out by the community requires at least a week of off-chain discussion before submitting an on-chain proposal. We can’t stress enough how important it is to give people enough time to discuss these things before this is put to a vote. For example, our other concerns and the concerns of others who have commented would have potentially been adequately addressed if the community was given a week to discuss this.

  • There’s double and triple dipping involved - this app was already built for Cosmos and IRIS, and there’s a 5% fee involved which we find extreme. If the main business model is charging 5% fee and supporting as many Cosmos chains as possible then a community spend proposal is probably not the best way to go. Alternatively, if the fee can be decreased or eliminated, then there’s good reason to consider.

  • We haven’t dealt with using the community pool to support closed source developments. Our inclination is not to support that.

To be clear, we want to see this built and we want to support this proposal. For the very least, in our opinion a new proposal should be submitted after people had a week to discuss off-chain and reach some consensus. Beyond that, we feel there should be an open discussion about the fee and being closed source, unless these change then we think it’s less appropriate for the community fund.


Any reason you don’t use your own and/or public nodes? Not sure how running another node makes it more robust or efficient.
DataHub is already live and the community funded that, then we also have another community funded API in the form of secretapi, and of course your own network.

This should save a lot of the ongoing cost, and hopefully negate the need for the 5% fee.

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Good evening, thanks for the discussion around the tipbot. We have addressed this proposal to the community, after being approached to build the tipbot for Secret (SCRT).

We had the impression that the community pool is for community tools or software that is beneficial to the community. We do consider the tipbot to be beneficial to the community, since the main reason for it’s existence is tipping users that create value. We have seen the usage of the bot from tipping valuable content, over design or memes that were created in the community or to engaging users on Twitter / Telegram and this is what we expect to happen continuously.
Apart from this we consider the virality, which the tipbot can create for marketing at some points. Marketing experts do love to give their followers an appreciation with a tipbot.

As described in the proposal we are mainly a team of two people, with many supporters apart from this. Though it is not only us, it is two people mainly taking the responsibility.

The offered amount includes development, maintenance, support and community building. It is a one-time payment which will bootstrap our work, although certainly not be enough for years to come to even cover the server costs, let alone a valuation of the work we are doing. We are confident that we are creating value, although that might be subjective at some points, since not all of these points are easy to quantify. Quite some of the amount will surely be spend on giveaways, to strengthen or widen the existing community and raise awareness of Secret.

Why do we want our own servers? Control of the server, we had bad experience with using public servers before, we cannot monitor or react when public servers do not react the way we expect (from downtime to upgrades).

We do not use the data from Twitter or Telegram in any other way than to record a Twitter / Telegram ID and associate this with a new created wallet by us. There is no connection to any account held by the user previously or after, than the fresh created account by us.

We are looking forward to implement everything as promised as the proposal passes.

Btw. The bot has 100% unit tests, closed source for security, since this is a service that holds sensible data such as passphrases, not a wallet where users create / maintain their own passphrase. This is for convinience of the users.

Hope once this is live you can appreciate using it and, if not already, we can convince you of the quality and usability.



Hi @Tosch110
Thanks for taking the time.

You already have servers so I still don’t understand the need for more. It’s only as fallback in the event that 2 different public apis are unavailable.

Open source doesn’t mean you have to share passphrases of course, and closed source isn’t inherently more secure, one could argue OS is more secure with more eyes on it.


Agreed on the second point.

Github secrets/databases exist, you should be able to open source your algos without open sourcing passphrases (and not being able to do that Concerns Me RE dev talent)


I probably was not aware of the amount of open API servers and that there do exist robust open API servers. Mind to share the links so I will have a look.
I do find it reasonable to have an open API server for our application outside of validating the chain, this is probably debatable but I for my part am convinced that this is how it should be handled from our side. Our current servers (pre-tipbot) exist as sentry nodes and validator nodes and have this specific purpose.

On the second part - also @Avret, more eyes (that are looking for potential bugs/errors/attacks) are helpful when you assume that first, most people are beneficial towards you, second, there is not much to get anyway (like a regular wallet) and third, there are also competent developers working on your side.
The tipbot is not an application like… uniswap for example, where it is expected that many developers and power users are among the users. We do expect to have more non-technical users and enthusiasts, since our application can be used extremely convenient, there are not much tools for power users or developers per se. We try to attract an audience that is not so tech-savvy and convince with usability and community building.

We are not against sharing the code with selected people. We already experienced copies (from my perspective not having the same quality, probably a subjective opinion) for the application.
Tendermint as partner for the Iristipbot has access to the codebase, if requested, we do not have problems sharing the codebase with selected members from either reputable entities or Enigma.


As far as I am aware this is called the community pool.

The rules are made by the blockchain, what is possible is also legal. If you want all proposals to run through the forum first, maybe a consideration is to have users add the link to the forum proposal when creating their on-chain proposal.

We did have discussions with many people (via Guy, Brandon, Ian, Tor…) before launching it and none did tell us about the “requirement” to have a discussion on the forum before or even suggested it as idea.

We still have 5 days to discuss here. I am not sure if I understand the difference on discussing it prior to uploading or while online. Our proposal is in-depth and has reasoning. I am not sure if there would be much to add otherwise.